71 Days Left

Whaleoil’s countdown to October 6th, the last day Labour can roll Phil Goff and replace him with someone that won’t tank Labour so badly they can’t win in 2014.

Key Dates in History:

Mike Moore rolled Geoff Palmer    on the 4th of Sep­tem­ber. The elec­tion was the 2nd of Novem­ber

Julia Gillard rolled Kevin Rudd   on the 24th of June 2010, and had an elec­tion on 21st of August.

71days to roll Goff


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  • thor42

    This election should be **almost** as good as the 2008 one.
    (No election could be *quite* as good as that, though, given that we saw the Clark-beast put out of its misery (with that AWFUL “fixed” “smile” on its face.) ). NOTHING in this life beats seeing Liarbore get a thumping at the polls.
    ( Except, maybe, seeing Michael “rich prick” Cullen being sent to jail…… )

    • gazzaw

      I’m with you thor. I worked in an election booth in a red stronghold of Maungakiekie in 2008. Doing the count with a team of socialists was a fun two hours as Sam Lotu-Iiga stormed home. The only downer was the fact that Beaumont is still hanging about as a scum list MP but she’s getting perilously close to the chop.

  • cadwallader

    I calculate that it is still 71 days until 6th October. That is more than ample time for Goof to stuff things completely. I wager Silent “T” will be counting on a few more monumental cock-ups from Goof between now and then.

    • Thanks, amended now.

      • cadwallader

        No problem. Creatures of my variety have more fingers and toes to count with than do Whales! And then there’s Goof…..

  • axeman

    Nah. I’m sticking with the comment of the week that I read in December last year:

    ‘My Christmas wish is for Phil Goff to remain Labour Party leader and Peter de Villiers to remain Springboks coach, for 2011’

  • jabba

    cadwallader .. I would prefer Silent T spending more time counting the true costs/benefits of the CGT they dreamt up .. has he named the members of the expert panel yet I wonder?

    • gazzaw

      Unlikely. He’s still thinking about that while enjoying his ‘rich prick’ holiday in Bali.

      • cadwallader

        Why didn’t someone think to plant narcotics on the prick for his trip to Bali?

        • gazzaw

          It makes you think though that if Silent T has gone to Bali at this point that he’s not too serious about the leadership or the campaign.

  • Labour has no show of winning this year’s election with Phil Goff as leader. Labour almost certainly won’t win this year’s election if they change the leader, but they may save some of the carnage, and a few of the MP’s lower down on the list might keep their places at the trough for another three years.

    Do they have the will to do it? Do they have someone prepared to be the fall guy? What does Helen think? Ah; so many questions …

    • gazzaw

      Hulun couldn’t give a rat’s arse about Labour. Liabore has served its purpose in getting her to just one spot from being the Klarkenfuhrer of the UN. She doesn’t want to be associated with losers and you could guarantee that she would give JK a far bigger welcome than she would to Goofy right now. Why? Because JK is in a far better place to propel her into the top job than Goofy or any of her other former comrades.

  • deputy

    Phil the wooden doll goof. The heart break of the labour party. It’s serious stuff when loyal labour supporters now look towards National. What a pathetic looser.

  • thor42

    I’m even feeling quite good about the Nats’ odds in 2014 right now.
    Ok, there’s a long way to go, but assuming that the polls more or less hold “as is” until the election, that’ll give them a good bit of a buffer for when 2014 comes along. I actually think that things would have to go catastrophically wrong for the Nats to lose in 2014.