92% Decided

There was a little fact hidden away in the coverage of the latest TVNZ poll.

Apparently, 92% of Kiwis have made their minds up.

“TVNZ today revealed the number of undecided voters had dropped since the previous poll, suggesting more people had made up their minds about who they would support at the November 26 election. Eight per cent were undecided on who they would give their party vote to.”

Following the CGT soft launch, only eight per cent of New Zealanders were undecided come November. Even worse for Labour is that even their own supporters don’t trust them to run the economy:

27% Support Labour

24% Trust Labour on economy

When you get poll results like this, it’s time to ramp up the ads.

Own Your Future: Roll your leader


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  • gazzaw

    “There was a little fact that was hidden away in the coverage of the latest TVNZ poll”

    I have had the feeling since Sunday that TVNZ has buried coverage & analysis of this poll as quickly as possible because the result did not fit the political agenda of their editorial staff.

  • axeman

    That’s not what Bumber the Useful Village Idiot of the Leftards is saying. Still whipping his half dozen or so acolytes into a frenzy over the MSM.

    “The mainstream media are so biased towards the National Party …..
    UPDATE: Just found out from TVNZ that in their latest Poll proclaiming the end of the world for Labour ACTUALLY HAD 14% undecided! Pfft, the Poll is a joke”