A cool look at Global Warming

A very impressive presentation by Philip Wood on the great global warming scare from an Australian perspective.

Kind of puts our situation in New Zealand into perspective as well.


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  • statlerandwaldorf

    bloody informative !

  • jimbob

    Thank you Whale. Do you think there is enough pictures in it so the polies can understand it all?

  • titanuranus

    The politicians don`t give a fuck, all they are interested in is the extra taxes they can shaft out of the long suffering citizens , of whatever country they represent.

  • gazzaw

    Too many big words for Nick Smith.

  • andyscrase

    For all you fossil fuel funded evil Climate Deniers ™ out there, you might be interested to know that our favorite “potty peer” Lord Monckton will be debating Dr Kennedy Graham of the Greens about climate change/global warming at AUT campus on August 4th
    For itinerary..

    If Cam makes it along, I will buy you a beer.
    If Bomber makes it along too, I will buy you both 3 beers