A record of lies

The record for Philip Bruce Goff lying on foreign affairs issues is not good:

Kiwiblog: Goff exposed

First the SAS quote:

Goff told the General that he could expect a positive outcome on redeploying the PRT past Sept 2006 and was reasonably assured the SAS (Special Forces) would deploy again after regeneration.

And the Iraq quote:

Goff noted Senator McCain’s comment that New Zealand should think about replicating its success in Bamiyan by heading a PRT in Iraq.

The Minister said he told McCain that New Zealand was not averse to doing so once the security situation had stabilized.

If I was a Young Labour member who has stuck up posters about how Don Brash would send troops to Iraq, I’d be looking for a new party, or at least a new leader, about now.

and Fran O’Sullivan: WikiLeaks a quid pro quo for Phil Goff

He had no compunction using notes of a private meeting between former National leader Don Brash and a visiting United States delegation to claim New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy “would be gone by lunchtime” under a National government.

The WikiLeaks documents have something to say on this score too.

Former United States ambassador Bill McCormick wrote in November 2006 that Goff had “misquoted” an Mfat staffer’s notes from the meeting to claim that Brash had promised the nuclear ban would be “gone by lunchtime”.

“Brash denied he intended to get rid of the ban without a referendum, but was unable to respond credibly when Labour said that must mean he was planning to scrap the legislation, which many Kiwis view as an iconic part of the country’s identity,” McCormick said.

It’s notable that Goff refused the Herald’s request under the Official Information Act to release the full notes of the meeting that Brash had with the six visiting Republican senators.

And, Labour was still telling the lie as recently as May 2011 – five months after the falsehood was revealed.

You can’t trust Labour and you can’t trust Phil Goff for anything other than for them to lie.

Now Phil Goff is lying again, this time about a briefing he said he didn’t get.


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  • lulu

    The DomPost captured Goff’s position on the Isreaeli spy investigation this way:
    Yesterday Warren Tucker assured Mr Goff he had mentioned the inquiries into the activities of the backpackers to him in March. Mr Goff’s ears didn’t prick up despite being foreign minister during the 2004 passport scandal. “The head of the SIS said he flicked the issue past me and said there wasn’t much to it,” Mr Goff said. “If there had been anything of substance said to me, I’m sure I would recollect it”
    Neither he nor his advisors thought to check their facts before stating “No, I wasn’t briefed.”
    Simply put he is lying and he is a fool.

  • mediatart

    Brash didnt have a ‘private meeting’ . It was arranged by the Embassy who had its representative there and who was expected to report back to Wellington.
    So the Ambassador who was in Wellington says someone who was there taking notes didnt get it right ???

    Where have we heard this private meeting bullshit …… ? Oh yes the time Key claimed he wanted to cut wages. Also done by a reported who attended the chitchat with Key and some local worthy.

    As speaking of rubber lips, didnt he claim that Goff didnt call him over some news about Worth ( one the cheating liars you forget Whale) as Key was ‘on a plane’
    Naturally Goff provided a call log which showed Keys number being called at the time Key said he ‘was on plane’