ACT won't support National?

Don Brash reckons ACT may not go for a formal coalition:

ACT may opt to sit on the cross benches and support the Government from there rather than taking any ministerial roles following November’s election, party leader Don Brash says.

If National won the election and the two parties could not meet on common ground ACT may not sign up to the same support deal currently being used, Dr Brash told TV3 political show the Nation.

Former ACT leader Rodney Hide is a minister, and other party MPs were in the past.

Dr Brash said ACT would wait and what happened after the November 26 general election.

”The reason is, frankly, we don’t know what the electoral landscape will look like.  It may well be that the ACT Party decides not to formally join the government at all, but to sit on the cross benches, but supporting a National Party government.”

However, he ruled out supporting any of the left-leaning parties.

Of course if National get over 50% they won’t need ACT, but then again it has never been done before in the history of MMP. If Brash can sort out his party and stop the factionalisation and get a campaign committee that doesn’t go to sleep during the pep talks they may be in a position to ask for more.

National may be concerned about his comment of not supporting any left-leaning parties.



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  • sexybeast

    There is a first for everything. I find the fact that Act assumes they will be there at all amusing. Oh well, as long as we don’t see Capital Gains tax.

  • adolffiinkensein

    It’s called preparing the ground for defeat and retreat.

  • paranormal

    Ah, no Adolf, it’s called smart positioning.

    The history of MMP has seen coalition parties eaten by the larger host. Don may be able to extract more policy wins by not being taken for granted and being made responsible for Nationals lack of action.

    Just look at how Rodney is blamed for Nationals cabinet decision to include a Maori advisory board for Auckland City. The fact Rodney is on record saying he was against it hasn’t stopped the left claiming (and the public believing) he deliberately included it in the legislation.

  • ltchop

    Ha ha ha ha who does Donny thinks he is kidding – we are not all senile 70 year olds with fantasies of yesteryear …. ACT not support National …… and pigs fly !!!!