ACT's ad

ACT has published a new ad. Shamefully the DomPost refused to publish it though I can’t see why. Politics is a bout a contest of ideas not for newspapers to decide what can and can’t be said.

ACT ad

From my point of view, I think that this ad shows the undue influence of being designed and agreed by a committee of overly verbose men who rate their own pontification above those of the ordinary people.

I am interested in politics and I only read the whole ad because I forced myself to. It is yawningly boring and only the most sychophantic ACT member would have read the whole thing.

Politics is about simple messages and ACT now runs the risk of running the same boring long winded campaign they ran last time. When Don Brash goes with his gut instinct he is so much better than this. I think he may well have been over ruled by the committee, that contains the same people who took a simple resolution to the board by Don Brash to form a campaign committee and turned it into a 3 page epistle that ties everyone in knots. This ad is the result of that resolution.

I should think that after this add John Ansell should be looked in a back room, John Boscawen should concentrate on getting in the money and Chris Simmons should resign. Its a cock up and sends all the wrong the messages. Don Brash needs to seriously consider whether or not his campaign team are a team or a bunch of muppets who like the sound of their own voice.


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  • gazzaw

    The ad is a f*****g joke! What is ACT trying to sell here? It all stops at the headline. It looks like a page out of the phonebook and half as interesting. Does ACT have a creative ad agency? If not they need one very quickly.

  • adolffiinkensein

    No Whale, my instinct is that Dr Dork over ruled the committee.

    • Adolf you haven’t had any rational comments on Act or on Brash since he led National, back then he was the new messiah to you.

      • adolffiinkensein

        Oh really? I seem to have picked the opinion polls pretty well so far. Even Trevor Mallard thought so.

        He’ll go down in history as Dr Two and a Half.

    • adolf, are you ever going to answer my question? I’ll ask it again (7th time by my count):

      Why is it you thought Don Brash was great as National Party leader but now he’s in charge of ACT your opinion has changed, even though it’s exactly the same policy platform?

      Well, cheerleader? Going to answer the question, or too busy putting the “sicko” into sycophant?

  • oswaldbastable

    If you can’t get the message into a sentence- preferably a short one- you have lost them.

  • roger

    Cam,is not ACT friends of yours righter than right at lest no poster said (some of my best friends are maori BUT) who gives a shit,TO OUR MAORI BRO im a white mother fucker to HONE H a fuckwit
    My mum died of cancer when i was 22 ,i was there to the end im not shure to the maori bro i never fucked my dying mother and i dont GIVE A SHIT NOW ABOUT ANYTHING MAORI BABIES BASHINGS P DRUGS who gives a fuck
    MAYBE ACT WAS RIGHT who gives a shit about the bro tosser and prison space

    • titanuranus

      Any chance we can get rogers comment translated into english ,perchance?

  • thor42

    The ad is *awful*. Oswaldbastable is right – **short** sentences. FFS – leave the detail to pamphlets!
    Abysmal effort by whoever thought this ad up.

  • Compare this effort with John Ansell’s Iwi/Kiwi billboard from 2005

    ‘Nuff said, really

  • stevewrathall

    The key point is that we now live in a country where one of our main newspapers thinks it has the right to pre-screen what its readers should see. Shameful.
    Don made this point (as well as many economic ones) at the ACT Central Regional Conference today.

    • adolffiinkensein

      Not at all, stevewrathall.

      We live in a country where a newspaper proprietor still has some property rights. He or she can still decide what he will print and what he will not.

      I thought the ACT party might think that was pretty good.

      • stevewrathall

        Yes the DP do have the right to refuse to print that which they deem offensive. The fact that it decides that a call for one law for all is unacceptable, indicates how far every part of NZ has been instilled with the acceptance of institutionalised priveledge.

        And as for the criticism of the ad as too wordy-rubbish. The weekend is when people have time to read through a lengthy tome. And many will. Don’t assume everyone has as short an attention span as you.

        • gazzaw

          “And as for the criticism of the as as too wordy – rubbish”.

          Unfortunately Steve that’s not the case believe me. It isnt just the content, the layout is as boring as batshit as well.

  • cadwallader

    The ad is Ok but it is re-heating old stew. Why doesn’t ACT campaign on the obliteration of the RMA?

    • stevewrathall

      If you are willing to sponsor such ads I’m sure ACT head office would love to hear from you.

      • cadwallader

        “Indian Giver!” Muriel Newman attempted to have ACT move on the RMA but nothing happened.

  • thor42

    I can give Act a short, sharp and snappy ad campaign. Try this –
    A billboard in two halves (like the Tui ones).
    Left half is headed “FLIP”. Photo of Goof with one of his quotes from the past.
    Right half is headed “FLOP”. Photo of Goof with a recent quote saying exactly the opposite.
    Along the bottom is the punchline – “DON’T VOTE FOR THE FLOPS”.

    • oswaldbastable

      Exactly- think ‘Tui Ad’

      That is as much info as a ‘swinging voter’ can handle in one go!

      ‘Supporting supporters- NOT the opposition voters’

  • Here’s a variation on a theme…

    A Tui-style billboard. On one side, Fail Gaffe holding hands with Arafat. On the other, Quisling Key holding hands with Titewhai Harawira.

    The caption: Terrorist sympathisers! This November, make the only rational choice: TWO TICKS ACT!

  • cadwallader

    Here’s a heavier ad proposal: “ACT to ACT on your principles!” (Once we’ve relocated them!)

  • roger

    titanuranus July 9, 2011 at 4:42 pm
    Any chance we can get rogers com­ment trans­lated into eng­lish ‚perchance?
    I say it as i see it ,

    • Yeah but if you would lay off the scotch before saying it, it would give others a chance to understand it.

  • Here’s another one, if we’re still playing. Would probably work better on TV but you could also make it work in print:

    Visual of a coin being tossed. Fail Gaffe on one side, the Quisling Key on the other.

    Caption: Labour and National. Two sides of the same coin. Decades of failure have left New Zealand broke, broken and directionless. This November, make the only rational choice: Two Tick ACT and keep the bastards honest.

  • jman

    I’m going to disagree. I don’t think the ad is bad. Simple slogans is probably fine for Mana and Green party types but Act voters are likely more cerebral than that. They prefer to read more detailed information about a party’s policy positions and the justification thereof. I thought this ad did just that.

    • abjv

      The ad repeats Labour’s mistakes. The ad shouldn’t try to appeal to ACT voters – they’ll already be voting ACT. Unless of course the ACT poling says the Rodney’s baseline 2.5% is brittle under The Don.

      The ads need to appeal to those who are not ACT voters and get 2.5% of them to switch sides.

      Message needs to be simple e.g. John Key’s “Labour likes to spend your money. That is why you will pay more tax under Labour”.

      A simple message for ACT might be “Are you fed up with paying for taniwhas? We’ll ACT” if they’re going to play the race card, why stop at the 4 of clubs when there’s an ace there?

  • kehua

    Ansell has gone, left, fired, sacked, kaput,….fukt and is putting the boot into all his Act mates( ex that is ) what a fucking shambles. They look like the Mcgillicuddies of the 21st Century. I guess the the only tight thing about this bunch are their collective arse`oles, not a poof in sight just a bunch of sorry arsed wankers. Cam , Cactus jump now , the waka is sinking fast.