Are these “charities” using government money against the government?

Some very serious questions need to be asked.

I’ve been watching the snarling ECE teachers push young kids into the frontline in a ruthless PR stunt in which to attack the government with their left-wing bile, while grabbing the taxpayer dollar.

So I thought I’d have a look at the accounts of these kindy associations – which, astonishingly, are registered as charities – and which are pleading poverty and protesting alleged government “cuts” to ECE.

And goodness me, what a treasure trove.

Below is just a selection of the associations around the country – and they all have multiple millions in the bank, quietly earning lots of interest or invested in sweet accounts. No surprise really, when you consider each individual kindy gets around a third of a million every year from the govt.

As a taxpayer, I am contributing to the $1.4 billion that goes into this sector every year. So I would like to know why they say they need to ask parents for more money? And why should the govt be giving these kindys more money?

And more importantly, as charities they are supposed to be apolitical, yet the evidence clearly shows they are all closely involved with the NZEI anti-govt campaign and the Labour party

So is some of the taxpayer and parent money being used in the NZEI political campaign? Will journos around the country be asking their local association to explain? And why does this sector need an extra half a billion a year on top of the huge amounts of funding it already gets – something which Labour has promised?

Time for reporters to see past the pictures of the cute kids and reveal the ruthless motives of these cashed-up ECE centres, which want to rort the taxpayers and parents of even more money.

Auckland Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balance         $9,181,000
All other short term assets   $1,209,000

All Current Assets $10,390,000

Canterbury/Westland Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances         $1,633,809
All other short term assets      $10,124,798

All Current Assets $11,758,607

Central North Island Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balance          $5,413,584
All other short term assets      $4,304,290

All Current Assets $9,717,874

Counties Manakau Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances        $5,508,836
All other short term assets     $289,951

All Current Assets $5,798,787

Dunedin Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances      $6,080,269

All Current Assets $6,080,269

Wellington Free Kindergarten Association:

Current Assets
Cash and bank balances     $418,000
All other short term assets   $936,000

All Current Assets $1,354,000

Now remember, this is just a selection of the many associations around the country. So next time you see these smart-arse ECE teachers on television or in the paper having a go because they want an extra half a billion of our money, just remember we are financing their campaign.

These people should be going the way of Greenpeace, and de-registered as charities immediately.


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  • alex Masterley

    The charitable status of Greenpeace was removed on the basis of it engaging in politcial activities. Having said that the High Court decision is under appeal to the Court of Appeal.
    If the kindergarten associations are found to be likewise engaging in such activity then their charitable status should be revoked.

  • peterwn

    It is acceptable for a charity to do a small amount of advocacy on the side. The Kindergarten Associations are very unlikely to be spending more than 1% of turnover on advocacy therefore it would be quite churlish to de-register them as a charity on this basis. In any case are the Associations corporately doing the advocacy or is it individuals associated with the Associations. There is also the issue that if Kindergarten Associations are so de-registered, there would be pressure to de-register independent schools such as Dio and Kings if they advocate for more Government funding (ie the education portion of taxes paid by taxpayers who send their kids there).

  • cadwallader

    It is actually quite difficult to set up a charity these days. The powers that be really vet the proposed constitution severely.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t trust any teacher when it is a matter of furthering a leftie agenda. I am yet to find a teacher who is not a puppet of the left or who understands fiscal responsibility. It simply isn’t in their cosmos.

    • fordtruck

      Hi Cadwallader. I am a primary school teacher. I am also a National /ACT voter and have been for years. I will admit to having voted for Labour as a young adult but I grew up.

      • Your honesty is refreshing Fordtruck :-)

        Unfortunately, the likes of Goff, Mallard and Annette King never grew out of it.

  • symgardiner

    While I agree that some Kindy’s are wrongly using kids for political purposes, I’d be careful looking at the accounts. ECEs get funding drops from the MoE 3 or 4 times a year. Depending on when the drops are, the accounts can appear over inflated. In fact these amounts may be worked down over the coming months as no revenue comes in. This is not the ECEs choice. This is a MoE decision to do it this way. It’s actually a pain from a budgeting point of view.

    • Correct symgardiner. The Golden ECE Eagle shits on 1 March, 1 July and 1 November of each year, and so accounts that may seem fat on 2 July are generally lean in the extreme by 31 October.

  • sthnjeff

    It is also a little misleading to use cash in bank as an example whale. The Auckland Kindy Assn actually posted a loss of around $700k for the period mentioned. This resulted in a reduction of equity. As stated by Inv 2 the high cash levels could be purely a matter of timing.

    • These are the associations which aren’t directly funded, they charge their members fees. So again why do they have such large cash reserves?

  • ltchop

    See why you went out of business wha’il – you have to read the entire Balance Sheet to understand the financial position of any entity – if they were the only assets of any organisation I was responsible for – I’d be worried ……

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