Calling the Deadbeat Dad

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Calling the Deadbeat Dad by whaleoil


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  • thor42

    Sounds like a real loser. Definitely a Liarbore voter.

  • gonadman

    shut the fuck up bitch

  • cadwallader

    Mmmh we are still none the wiser. Are we to judge him based on this conversation? He sounds like a deadball but we have only a snippet on which to detect this. In other words: What’s the point of this?
    If someone had thrown something at Mallard or tugged at his hair, that would have been enlightening.

  • cobolt

    This is a nothing, no back ground, no context. How old was the daughter? 2? 13? A sharp wake up call is sometimes required when kids don’t listen and no matter what is done it always sounds worse when put into words. A slap on the wrist is always turned into a hit, so then you are known for “hitting” your kids.
    I pity the poor bugger if the ex recorded this for a custodial fight.

  • ltchop

    And the purpose of this nothing clip is …….
    Gee wa’il – I used to think your posts had a bit of wit and sting… but his is pathetic. Your obsessions of late too are boring – used to be a fun read not any longer just partisan hack pieces or pathetic dribble like this one – you are better than this wa’il !

  • mark72

    Actually, I think the mother comes across worse in this conversation. She has this patronising tone asking short sharp questions the way an adult would question a child. It was clearly recorded for the purposes of a custody matter (the mother’s tailoring her questions to ensure she comes across as an angel) and I think a Family Court judge would see through this rather cynical stunt by the mother.

  • NZ Groover

    I’d have to agree with most of the above comments. There’s no context to this conversation and more importantly, only one of the parties know it’s being recorded. C’mon Whale, this is beneath you.

  • Mr Blobby

    Agree with the general sentiment of the comments. The Family court judges can’t see past their noses. What I heard was a stupid ex using the child to score points. The silly bitch should let it go and move on in life.

    • You don’t know the person, i do. Stupid is not how I would describe her. I know the full circumstances and he is a deadbeat dad and his new missus does hit the young girl…10y.o.

      The manipulations of this No Shame loser are astounding. it is likely that the whole story will eventually be told on this site.

      • NZ Groover

        If you do tell the whole story, make sure you do it with the children’s best interests foremost in your mind.

      • cobolt

        How well do you know him Whale? First hand or through her? And what exactly do you mean by hit?
        From the audio and your comments it sounds like this guy is in for a character assassination. By the way he sounded I’ll assume he’s not in the public eye so what is your interest in this case?

        • Very well. The whole situation stinks. By hit I mean hit, not a slap, not a smack I mean hit.

          My interest in this case is personal, but I should add that the way in which this sperm donor has treated his child and the mother of the child is appalling from the get go. He isn’t nick named No Shame with out just cause.

          He is now happily “retired” claims to have no income, lives on a multi-million dollar property, is building a tennis court, has multiple vehicles and yet pays nothing towards the child, but because he has the child for a proscribed period of time the arrangement is deemed shared care and so the Mother has to pay him money.

          There is more than 10 years of asshole behaviour and lack of action by authorities to complaints, so time for a little bit of community justice. Playing nice and sucking it up for 10 years has finally worn a bit thin for my friend of 20 years. If he can play hard then we can play hard my way.

          • hagues

            Sounds a bit like the person who was advertising for a flatmate on trademe recently???

          • ltchop

            Lesson no 1 of friendship wa’il
            Don’t get involved in your friend’s wars ……

          • No lesson number one is stick with your mates. Since you don’t have any you probably don’t know that.

          • ltchop

            A perfect ACT man if I ever saw one !!

  • Sounds like a b*tch of an ex with control issues who is pissed off that he has a new partner so is blowing little things out of proportion to cause problems, to me.

    He didn’t sound deadbeat to me – he sounded like someone who couldn’t be bothered with his ex’s drama or listening to her voice. I think every man, with an ex out there falls into that category – and so do a lot of us women.

    • Jacqueline, you are wrong. Trust me on this. She is well shot of the PoS, but having the link to the child just means he gets to manipulate and control.

  • oldlogger

    So he has shared custody of the child. So he must be looking after his child at least 40% of the time? And he’s bringing them up in a nice environment ? bet he worked damn hard to get that for himself and his family. And he’s building a tennis court? tut tut. what a loser, eh whale?
    Deadbeat Dad? C’mon Whale, stop trying to blow smoke up my ass.
    This is just the reverse of what happens to heaps of guys in the family court every day in this country.Typically, they get screwed over.
    Good for him. BTW whale, you still taking coin from us by way of any benefits?

  • overthehill

    Isn’t it still illegal to record a phone conversation without advising the other party?

    Seems to me this breaches a few rules and laws, and I’d have to agree – if she is as much of a pain to deal with as she comes across here, I’d be glad to be shot of her.

    Have you ever actually witnessed any of these alleged hits firsthand, Whale? If so, why have you not reported them? If not, whose story should we believe – the psycho ex, or the father who seems to be doing his best to get away from her?

    • It is perfectly legal to record a phone conversation just so long as one party knows about it.

      My friend of more than 20 years is not a psycho ex…the fact that you describe her as such says much about your world view.

  • ltchop

    Only a true mate can tell a mate when enough is enough wa’il. No matter what the argument – never use kids as a weapon. You have a great blog – politicians are fair game – personal warfare is not.

  • ltchop

    Oh wa’il please…… down to name calling … for the sake of the poor 10 year old will the adult in the room please stand up ! I would be mortified if any of my ‘mates’ gave me the means to stick it to my ex this way ….. nobody wins from this wa’il least of all that little girl – she needs mates – good ones !