Can't run a website, can't run the country

I’ve already pointed out that Labour can’t run a website when I outed their shoddy security. It seems they haven’t learned.

When you go to their website and look at the People page, apart from a sea of gray, you see a nice red block inviting you to “meet” their candidates.

If you are interested in seeing just how shallow their bird bath of talent is and click to go “Meet Labour’s 2011 Election Candidates” you get a pleasant surprise.

Labour candidates failThese guys really are complete numpties. If they can’t run a website or prepare it for what is likely to be their biggest day of traffic this year then they certainly can’t be trusted to run the country and for sure it makes one believe that they haven’t a clue when it comes to taxation.

No wonder National are quivering in mirth at Labour.



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  • Hey Trev, just a reminder: “Are you better off under National?” is still the best 2011 election meme for Labour. Time is running out…

  • lcmortensen

    What broken link?
    It works for me.

  • kevin

    Only took most of the day to link correctly…