Chatting with Leighton

Warming: Vanity post

I was on NewstalkZB this morning with Leighton Smith chatting about Labour’s poll disaster. the rise of the Greens and capital gains tax.

Mon, Jul 18 Newstalkzb Whaleoil-Leighton Smith by whaleoil


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  • roger

    Newstalkzb is now the voice of national,dont you agree Cam,

    • You pinkos see Nats everywhere…The Herald, TVNZ, 3 News and now Newstalk…have you not considered that most Nat/Act supporters think the opposite, which kind of makes them look middle of the road.

      Anyway what is wrong with bias.

    • gazzaw

      Just as National Radio is the voice of liabore. Confusing isnt it Woj?

  • @ Roger; Leighton Smith is a self-confessed Act sympathiser

    Cam; you gave a bloody good account of yourself; well done. I’ll bet that Trevor was listening, and I’ll bet that steam was coming out his ears.

  • roger

    God cam i voted national and hone key last time but will never vote again(never encourage the troughers), but i love the way every one says (on ZB) key is a good bloke, you can see this situation, Hone Key and an average kiwi goes to the pub , the average kiwi buys the first round and then its keys turn,he comes back with no jugs and says the bar tender pissed him of so he bought the bar and the surrounding neighbourhood, has sacked the pinko bartender and sold the land to china, yep John Key is a damn good laid back X money market dealer with $50000000+++ who probably looks down on us pinko ants,even if we vote for him :-)
    Bias is good, at least you let me post , have a good evening Cam remember DONT VOTE

  • jman

    Leighton is one of the few right thinking mainstream media commentators in this country. It’s a pleasure listening to his erudite views. This is far better stuff than being on that awful Bomber Bradbury’s show. You should try make this a regular thing.

  • axeman

    +1 jman