Citizen A – 8 July


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  • rouppe

    “We need a CGT to get those horrible property speculators” WTF?

    I have owned rental properties for over a decade. How the hell is that speculation?

    I pay net tax on my rental property portfolio. Sure I could buy more houses to gear it back again, but you know what? I already spend quite a bit on personal super, plus KiwiSaver, plus slowly accumulating an “oh shit” sum of money. I don’t want to lower even further my discretionary spend by topping up rentals. I did that for the few years it took to get them into a profit situation, and I don’t want to go back.

    I want to have trips to the Gold Coast, and Europe, and Vancouver. I want to eat out when I like, drink what I want. I want to be secure in the knowledge that it’s not going to go tits up if I lose my job, or decide to take six months off.

    How does that make me a speculator, or “rorting” the tax system?

  • spiderpig

    “Communism is too right wing for me” – Bradbury.

    And he’s probably not joking.

  • axeman

    That dead slug is slowly moving backwards on Bumber’s shiny forehead.

  • reid

    Cam re: Keynes, look at Commanding Heights from PBS.

    You need to know the Keynes-Hayek history cause it comes up all the time and it’s past time the message got out about it.

    • reid

      Apologies Whale, for implying you don’t already know all of that, if you do…