Citizen A – June 30


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  • jman

    I’d definitely do Phoebe Fletcher. I’ll bet she’s a screamer.

  • jabba

    jman .. too true, far nicer than Helen Kelly and a better rack .. oh, is it sexist to say that these days?

  • You know what? As a woman I get paid EXACTLY the same as a man. You need to compare apples with apples. If I work for 10 years for example with the same qualifications as a man I will earn exactly the same as him at the end of those 10 years assuming that we are equal in our abilities and work output. However if I work 5 years and then take 5 years off to raise a child and then re enter the workforce I will earn less than him. Sexism? No simple maths. If he took off 5 years to raise a child he would be paid exactly the same as me when he re entered the work force. I don’t bitch about it and cry sexism. I chose to put my kids before my career. That is my choice. If I want to be just like a man then I need to be prepared to not have kids or to put them in child care. But that’s not fair some feminists will cry. I say to them, its simple, you want what a man has you do what a man does. I don’t want to be a man. I value my time as a mother. In my case I have chosen to build an online business from home so that I can be here for my kids. Lucky lucky me.

  • arnold

    agree with the top 2, certainly seen worse..Helen Kelly or any greenpeace spokeswomen..grrrr Cam you did well…probably more watch this on here than on TV

  • reid

    Yes very well done Cam, you were the voice of reason amongst the tea party. I thought Phoebe got a bit emotional when she was talking about the wimmin’s stuff but I guess one should expect that. But she was quite right about the coltan in the Congo, which is precisely why they keep having these nasty little wars. Platinum’s the other killer, because it’s a required component of a hydrogen fuel cell, if you’re looking for commodity investments.

    Your final comment on MMP was very accurate, the lefties are definitely playing their usual tactics when they have to but don’t want to have a debate. Disgraceful they all come out of the woodwork at once, isn’t it. You’d think Monsanto would have developed a spray by now, but apparently not.

  • jman

    I actually used to think Phoebe was one of the more sane lefties around but when she said “I don’t think Hone is an extremist” she lost me. I mean give me a break jeez