Citizen A online

Citizen A this week with political commentator Chris Trotter and that awful Bomber Bradbury

Issue one: Has John Key run out of horsemen of the Apocalypse to terrify NZers with over Labour’s ‘dagger through the heart of growth’ Capital Gains Tax

Issue two: ACT Party racist meltdown – Is it the Christmas Gift that just keeps giving

Issue three tonight: The Police threaten an investigation into TVNZ after they highlight the bashing of a looter with Aspergers, is it time to reign the Police in?

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  • axeman

    WHAT! Nothing from the Useful Idiot of the Mana(less) Party about how John Hatfield blatantly disrespected the use of correct protocol in Parliament?

    Really, I would have thought he would be spitting and snarling over that issue. Bumber certainly fired up his dozen or so toadies into a rabid frothing mess. A couple of them want a REVOLUTION against the white ‘mofos’. With marching in the street. And with guns and shit. Goodness gracious.

  • ltchop

    Is that ACT speak for ‘wa’il got owned’ – phew got it !

  • Ministry of Justice

    The TVNZ story about the looter is here.

    I know the facts are disputed but do you think police should be allowed to assault a looter after arresting them?

    • There is no evidence to suggest the Police assaulted him, only the shrill bleating of leftists not in command of all the facts. There has been no complaint laid against either the police or the Australian helpers.

      Also not revealed is the other evidence before the courts relating to his accomplices, who pleaded guilty BTW, the burglary tools they were carrying nor the state of their inebriation.

      • Ministry of Justice

        I know the facts are dis­puted but do you think police should be allowed to assault a looter after arrest­ing them?

        • Looter often fall up steps, even in Police stations where there are no steps. Sad but true. If you don’t want a slap then don’t go looting. No other people in Chch got a slap from police, just looters. Says it all.

          • Ministry of Justice

            Looter often fall up steps, even in Police sta­tions where there are no steps.
            Do you think police should be prosecuted when they assault suspects?

          • I think that suspects should stop assaulting police officers fists with their faces.

          • Ministry of Justice

            Justice without mercy is a punishment equal to the crime (eye for eye, tooth for tooth etc.)
            What you are advocating is a punishment beyond justice without due process.

            In the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.