Dear Electoral Commission

Mr Robert Peden
Chief Electoral Officer

By blog and email: [email protected]

Re: Labour’s Election Advertising

Dear Mr Peden,

I am writing to lay an offiical complaint about the brochure the Labour Party has recently sent to electors in West Auckland. I have attached a scan overleaf.

(Image 1, Image 2)

It was distributed on 20 July 2011 in and around the Henderson, Auckland area.

It does not have an authorisation statement, which I believe is a legal requirement for any election advertising.

The Labour party also undertook to discontinue to send out these types of brochures in a press release of 9 July shortly after the Electoral Commission referred another brochure to the Police for prosecution. Their spokesman, Grant Robertson said:

“Labour has advised the commission that it will abide by the commission’s interpretation of the legislation. It has withdrawn the pamphlet from circulation, along with another similar publication. Between now and the election, it will apply a wide interpretation of the phrase ‘election advertisement’, and include formal promoter statements in the terms recommended by the commission on all such material.”

As you can see from the attachments, the Labour party has neither withdrawn the pamphlet nor complied with the law regarding promotor statements.

Could you please inform me whether this advertisement is legal, and if not what the steps are to ensure Labour are prosecuted for breaching the law.

In the event that Labour are not prosecuted through official channels could you please inform me of my rights to take a private prosecution against Labour for breaching the law.

Yours faithfully


Cam Slater


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  • monty

    Good work – i am pleased that you take your civic duties so seriously and are not allowing the criminals in the Labour Party to continue to flout the law. Is it Trevor Mallard in particular who needs to be held accountable? How much money is involved and should they be forced to “pay it back” or better still forward to parliamentary services for them to reject payment.

    Labour are bankrupt and it shows.

  • chimei

    ‘Make your first $100 a week of income tax-free’

    Last time I looked there were 52 weeks in a year not 50, so yet another lie/mislead to the public, wankers.

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  • Az1971nz

    This commission is a crock, I asked for an advanced vote and am receiving grief for it, completely pissed about it. Check out the 3 options for advanced voting, I asked for 2nd option and was told in no uncertain terms to vote in person (option 1). Why have 3 options if you can only be assed providing for 1. We cant all get to Polls in person for whatever reasons. Cronies