Details, details, details…

Labour continues to get tripped up by the details of its exemption riddled tax policy.

In the weekend political shows, David Parker and David Cunliffe soon learned that when it comes to economic policy, details are not a nice to have, they’re a necessity.

One other thing that was buried with out any details:

This looks a lot like a new break-up tax to me. People pay when they sell and divide their assets.

Relationship Break-ups
As a general principle  capital gains on assets transferred between a couple in the event of a relationship break-up will be rolled over and not payable until the asset is realised.

Any approach to relationship break-ups in New Zealand must take into account the approach of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976, which places marriages, civil unions and de facto relationships on an equal footing.  The Expert Panel will advise on how to apply the rollover principle so it is consistent with existing legislation.

Good luck selling that one on the details.

The devil is always in the details and Labour doesn’t want to talk about the details.


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  • kevin

    Can I say “thank you” Cameron… A tidy little summary of the light gauge piffle labour is spouting.
    They are just a riot. Can’t wait for the next website goof-up.

  • spam

    So is this another reason for people to break up / throw out their significant other just before the 3-year de-facto period kicks-in?

  • jabba

    have they named the expert panel yet

  • titanuranus

    Of course they don`t want to talk details cos` there are no details, and there will be no details ,they will just make shit up as they go along.
    Just like their ‘tax the rich prick” taxes, there is no definition of who or what ,exactly ,is classed as “rich”,for most deluded Labour voters ,rich is anyone who earns more money than themselves, which of course is anyone in paid employment.

  • cadwallader

    Agree. I wager after November’s defeat these clumsy losers will have forgotten about CGT as they re-shuffle the tiny remnants of their caucus.

  • rouppe

    Do we have a nickname for Parker and Cunliffe yet?

    The PC brigade?