Do you know who these men are?

Last weekend my son was assaulted at Rainbows End.

These are the fellows that were involved.

Arrows on the images identify the one who punched my son in the side of the head for the crime of getting into a go kart that the thug wanted.

Rainbows End staff were fantastic in dealing with the situation and have provided the images from their security footage. The Manukau Police have likewise be fantastic but they need our help in identifying who these fellows are.

All I can say though is that these blokes were dead set lucky I wasn’t there.

If anyone knows who they are please contact Manukau Police with the information.


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  • cadwallader

    Their parents vote Labour. I trust that is of assistance.

  • spiker

    That narrows it down quite substantially.

  • johnqpublic

    $1M says they live where the phone numbers start with 2.

  • I had to smile when we were at the Police station despite the size of the bruise on Master WO’s face. He was being interviewed and was asked if the man had said anything before he assaulted him. Err yes said Master WO but he used the F word. Tell the officer I said and just say F instead. Well says our son, he said get the F out of the Go-kart or I will punch you in the F en head.
    Now being the son of two stubborn people you just know that he didn’t get out of the Go-Kart :)

  • titanuranus

    My guess is that they are members of the Sth Auckland branch of Mensa.

  • whafe

    The thugs should be shot with a ball of their own shit….

    Hope that the thugs are caught, and that they get more than a little smack with the wet bus ticket….

  • NX

    Quite possibly the authors of The Standard.

  • navygreg

    Bet you 2 bucks we are paying these losers wages. I hope mini WO is ok :)

    • Mini WO? Giggle, he is 6 foot 3 and towers over both of us. He has a great yellow bruise on the side of his face to show off at school next week and his jaw is still sore but otherwise he has handled a man sized powerful fist to the face very well all things considered. I hate though to think what the bruise would look like if he hadn’t been given an ice pack at the time by Rainbow’s end staff as the fist had caught the corner of one eye.