Dominos steps up

Dominos has stepped up to the plate as a corporate citizen and made good on the $10,000 that Hells Pizza reneged on.

Domino’s Pizza last night pledged $10,000 to children’s charity KidsCan to fill the void left when a competitor, Hell Pizza, reportedly refused to pay the sum it promised to donate during a telethon.

Hell Pizza director Warren Powell initially agreed that Hell would donate the sum to the KidsCan charity in 2009.

However, KidsCan chief executive Julie Helson said Mr Powell “reneged” on the deal after seeing reports that some of the money raised failed to reach needy children.

Domino’s NZ general manager Josh Kilimnik said last night that his company was stepping in because it was “the right thing to do”.

The tipline if being flooded with all sorts of sordid details of goings on at Hells Pizza. I can see a series of blog posts coming up.

Dominos meanwhile has shown how to do good PR, Hells Pizza is just tweeting up lame excuses. They can go to Hell.


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  • michaels

    Shame Domino’s pizza are crap and Hell’s aren’t much better.

    Make your own is my advice and to make them perfect, add some pepperdews.

    • sexybeast

      Yea, what the hell happened to our Pizza? I made the mistake of ordering from Pizza Hut – boy, they went downhill fast. Then I ordered again a few months later for my birthday with a Lamb and mint pizza of which I couldn’t bear to finish a slice it was so bad. Never again!

      Domino’s is crap as you say and Hell used to be good back in the day but something went wrong there too. I’ve given up and am going on a diet.

  • jman

    haha good on Dominos.

    It’s true though that all the major pizza chains in this country make crap pizza which is a shame as it isn’t hard to make a decent pizza. They just need to make their own fresh dough base, use a proper wood-fired pizza oven, and fresh ingredients.

  • Onya Dominos! Killer opportunity. Well done.

    As others have said – pity your food tastes like painted on cardboard.

  • mickrodge

    It pains me a little bit as I quite liked Hell pizza’s but there’s no other option but to boycott. What a pack of scumbags. This on top of the alleged “book cookin” that’s been going on.

    Good on you Domino’s…that’s a PR masterstroke. I love your work…alas I love your pizza’s like a red headed step son but you can’t have everything.

  • oldlogger

    Il Picollo on Willis street Wellington, do the best pizza. Thin base, Italian. The way it should be.

  • gaskranken

    There’s a pizza joint up the southend of the Cuba Quarter which hasn’t quite got there yet but the name is a good start. It’s called Heaven.

  • lcmortensen

    Domino’s is good? Not according to the Environmental Health Officer at the Dunedin City Council – they are a C grade. At least every other fast food restaurant in town has an A or a B.