Don't be sorry just be less f*cked next time

from Stuff: ‘Weird position’ over capital gains tax

Labour admits it finds itself in a “weird position”, unable to comment on its own capital gains policy while the Government is in full attack mode.

Why has Labour got itself into such a mess?

A.  Taking their election strategy from the underpants gnome episode of Southpark.
B. Phil/Trev/Pete are yesterdays men who don’t understand modern campaigning
C.  Trev’s asymmetrical war that he can never win against a blogger who has nothing to lose
D. Trev’s cycle race.
E. Not listening to Helen Clark and not introducing a capital gains tax in its previous nine years of government.
F. Not rolling Phil after the Darren Hughes actual underpants stealing situation
G. All of the above



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  • cadwallader

    Now is the time to stand outside the Labour HQ and cry “bring out your dead, bring out your dead!” Goof would be the first cadaver quickly followed by Peter H, The Duck, Full Moon and so on… There’d be nobody left inside.

    Years ago there was a Monty Python skit along these lines with “…but I’m not dead yet.” “You will be soon enough.”

    • thor42

      That was a *great* scene (from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.)
      Old guy (quivering voice) – “Iiii don’t want to gooo on the caaart….”
      John Cleese (cart guy) – “Oh, come on now, don’t be such a **baby**….”

  • michaels

    Oh come now Whale.
    You of all people should know by now that Labour have a do as we say not do as we do policy.
    AND they wouldn’t have a clue of what they have said OR done.

  • Mr Blobby

    How not to get elected.

    Promise a new Tax that nobody wants.

    Maybe I’m just stupid. This may be some cunning plan, a bit like the Emperors new clothes.

    • You mean like the bloody Nats and their hopeless fucking ETS? First orders of business after the election:

      (1) Repeal the ETS
      (2) Repeal the RMA
      (3) Repeal the Local Government Act 2002

      Economy fixed.