Don't be sorry, just be less f*cked next time

The other day I suggest that Labour could use a new slogan. Then they soft launched their capital gains tax and the slogan just became appropriate.

Labour have totally f***ed up their capital gains tax announcement by thinking they were playing smart by hinting at it to get a weeks news.

Instead they have just given National a week to beat them up on it, telling New Zealand why it is a dumb idea and why it won’t work.

They should have announced the tax with plenty of positive examples and explained clearly how it would benefit New Zealand and New Zealanders. A really simple play but typical of the Labour Party under the Goff/Mallard/Hodgson brains trust they can’t get even the simplest things right.

Still it is proof positive that they are still running with the Gnomes Stealing Underpants campaign strategy.

1. Soft Launch tax policy


3. Win Votes

Labour are in disarray. They soft-launched a policy where there are numerous examples of key spokes-people vehemently opposing it and just last night the crippled campaign manager was Tweeting that middle New Zealanders pay too much tax.

Trevor Mallard white ants Labour's tax policyIs Trevor white-anting his boss? Sure looks like. I can’t see how a capital gains tax is going to lessen the burden on middle income earners.

Labour really does need to be less f*cked next time.


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  • I had to look it up, so I may as well share it with the class:

    White-anting is an Australian term for the process of internal erosion of a foundation. It is often used in reference to groups such as political parties or organisations where information from group insiders is ‘leaked’ or used to undermine the goals of the group. The Macquarie Dictionary says the verb “to white-ant” means “to subvert or undermine from within”.

    The term is derived from the action of termites (white ants) eating the inside of wooden building foundations, often leaving no outward evidence, until the structure crumbles.

  • pdm

    Didn’t Claire Curran do the same thing to Goff a couple of days ago as well?

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