Don't let the pinkos hijack a poll

There is a poll on Bill English’s website asking about your views on a capital gains tax.

John Pagani is promoting this poll and imploring the pinkos to go hijack it. Remember when John Pagani said that Labour doesn’t get into dirty tricks?

Members of the Whale Army, are we going to let this happen?

Hell No.


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  • funkdup

    A little advice for Chrome users. Start a ‘new incognito window’ (CTRL SHIFT N) and paste the URL
    Vote, close the window, and repeat.

  • peterwn

    funkdup – Leave this sort of trick to Labour.

  • funkdup

    I’m sure they already know it peterwn

    • Doc

      (Has a mental image of a whole lot of lefties running around ringing up electroplaters wanting them to chrome their PC’s)

  • kevin

    The army will just do things proper and still see a decent poll result.

  • You know what Whale, if it was anybody other than the Double Dipping Dipshit from Dipton I’d be right there. However, since it’s the worst “leader” the party has ever had, and the guy who knifed the best leader the party’s had (since Holland), and the guy who’s protecting Mad Nick, and the guy who’s spent 3 years wasting the most fortuitous economic crisis in living memory, I say…

    leave the prick to the fucking pinkos. Let them pick his bones clean.

  • rivoniaboy

    I agree with Gantt – save your ammo Whale the “Dou­ble Dip­ping Dip­shit from Dipton”
    is not worth saving.

  • gazzaw

    As at 9.21pm the Liabores have really fucked this poll and not even the Dipshit Kid deserves that fate. Get in and vote!!

    • Exactly….do not let pinkos win EVER.

      • Are you suggesting the Double Dipping Dipshit from Dipton is NOT a pinko?

        • They are running macros or scripts against the poll now, no way people can vote that fast.

          • The “Yes” vote is sure ticking over pretty bloody quickly!

    • thor42


  • hagues

    FFS any politican who runs a poll like this deserves the spanking the opposing team gives them. It was stupid when Labour did it, even more stupid for the Dou­ble Dip­ping Dip­shit from Dip­ton to do it after seeing how these things turn out. Excuse me for not rushing to save the Dipshit.

  • Doc

    You’d think politicians had wised up by now about doing polls on the net.
    Pity Bill only has almost as much intelligence as the entire Labour strategy team.

    Voted no.

    What’s next Bill, going to go looking for underpants???

    • Doc

      Damn, just saw above post.

  • The only time in living memory that Phil Goff has had a good idea. He just hasn’t got the intestinal fortitude to take it far enough.

  • It’s on Red Alert, along with Ducks weight/fat intake charts that show that the Whale is going to kick arse next month.