Dragged down by email

Mallard’s email stuff up made the Herald today.

Trevor Mallard - Political crippleLabour’s Trevor Mallard has been left with a slightly red face after a blogger obtained an email Mr Mallard sent to party campaigners on how to sell the party’s new tax policy.

In the email posted on Cam Slater’s Whaleoil blog, Mr Mallard said the key thing was not to get “dragged down into the detail on the [capital gains tax]. The public don’t care and we get boring.”

It was used as ammunition by National yesterday, with associate finance minister Steven Joyce issuing a statement claiming Labour’s new policy would add $18.5 billion to debt.

Mr Joyce added it was no wonder Mr Mallard was urging his colleagues not to start explaining the detail: “The fact is they don’t stand up to any scrutiny.”

Mallard’s ill advised email also spiked their defense for their appalling poll results.  Trevor Mallard firstly tried to say that the poll came out before any details about their tax grab were released which of course is a lie, because Labour had been busy leaking details since July 5. Then he tells the loyal followers not to get into detail about the tax plans because the voters don’t care and they look boring. Can’t have it both ways Mallard.

Mallard should be careful to tell the truth when he speaks to the media. He said:

He would not say who it was sent to originally but said Members of Parliament were sent a different version.

Unfortunately for Trevor, there is more than “one” Labour MP that can’t see why his asymmetrical war that he can never win should cost them their seat.


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  • naylor

    Bring back Darren Hughes to replace Mallard as the chief political strategist. At least Hughes would have a direct line to NY to Helen Clark and allow the evil prophecy to continue…

  • ltchop

    talk about a storm in a teacup wha’ail – how about the real news of the day – Inflation at a 21 year high ! That’s what matters to 99% of people – power, groceries, petrol – forget his election photo op trip to faun all over Obama – bloody Key should be home sorting out this mess his brilliant ‘financial management’ has rort on us …

  • dairyman

    I see that Mallard has apologised for sending the email to friends and aquaintances.

    He lays the blame for WO getting the email squarely at DPF’s feet.

    “added a few friends and acquaintances who are interested in politics to a list to get the package stopping asset sales and doing a tax switch to my normal supporters list. They got that on Thursday as the embargo came off. . . . On it inter alia was David Farrar.”

    No apology for the content, though.

    • It wasn’t Farrar who gave it to me, and it was more than one person.

  • adolffiinkensein

    It wasn’t me!
    It wasn’t me!
    It wasn’t me!
    It wasn’t me!
    It’s always someone else’s fault.

  • kevin

    The members got ‘a different version’… yeh right. More bullsh*t. Just got caught out again, it is becoming tedious now.

  • adolffiinkensein

    They need to change leaders today and Cunliffe needs to sweep out the entire front bench tomorrow.

    Then they might actuall have a chance of doing some damage.

  • Ciaron

    Then they might actu­all have a chance of doing some damage.

    Heaven forbid.

  • I am soooooooooooo looking forward to Cunliffe taking over. I will have to roll out the celebrated “I’m running this show now Mr Ryall” video by way of celebration.

  • kehua

    Ya got him running now Cam. At both ends.