Education Branch of Labour continues war

This country spends an absolute fortune on ECE – $1.4 billion a year. But it’s not enough for the teachers’ unions.

The NZEI and their poodles in the Labour Party (who they handed over private email addresses to) want the taxpayers to stump up an extra half a billion every year. Of course, they have no clue how the country will pay for it.

And the reason for this blow-out? They want yet more teachers to wipe noses for three year olds.

Here are the facts:

More teachers = more union members = more funds for the NZEI war chest to campaign against the government.

Trouble is, the nutters in the NZEI are being ignored by the media and the public, who are wise to their banshee wailing.

So just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, the NZEI has started using young kids for their warped political protests – and have posted pictures from around the country bragging about it.

Are parents aware their kids are being used in this way? How f*cking dare these people take such liberties, while pretending it is about children.

Of course, your average newspaper picture editor can’t resist cute kids, so have been publishing the pictures alongside the NZEI’s poisonous message.

And to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, the NZEI is advertising for people with kids in prams and pushchairs to protest in Auckland this weekend.

Here’s a message for the NZEI. New Zealanders are well aware of your nastiness. You can try and hide behind the fluffy stuff, but we can still see you and hear your lies.


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  • roger

    Come on Cam be fair,you had a education and a teacher taught you,you did have a education cam you did,didnt you??

    • Not really, I knew more than most of the teachers.

      I did have a maths teacher one year who never showed up for a single class…a year of relievers. He is now a Principal so go figure.

      Then there was the head of the PPTA who marked me down in exams not because I was wrong but because he didn’t like my politics.

      The only teacher I ever liked I married, but she wasn’t a teacher when i met her.

      • I loved teaching but was very much a square peg in round hole. I refused to strike, spoke up at union meetings ( the lone voice of reason ) and my politics did not fit well in a Wellington High School. I worked with some really talented and dedicated people. I also worked with a teacher who was the reason why we all had to re write a number of children’s reports because of his repeated spelling mistakes on the joint reports. We all breathed sigh of relief when we were able to do them online and then have them printed out. One report was re written THREE times because he kept making new mistakes. He was a Science teacher :)

      • grizz

        I bet you were a little shit-stirrer, challenging authority and always pushing boundries. I hoped you knew when to cool it.

        I remember one of my teachers preaching her socialism, anti-Israeli, anti water fluoridation views to us. I was old enough to know not to swallow it hook line and sinker. What would have been better was to allow us to weigh up the facts, evaluate them and formulate our opinion and argument from there. If I ever went back to school I would challenge the normal opinion just to make it interesting. I would love to piss off teachers with different views on thos bullshit poems and plays we had to study.

  • alex Masterley

    crikey, the mangrove is in on the act. the teachers will need to be careful.

    • Yes he had a lovely dinner with Helen kelly last night too in Parliament, just the two of them.

  • andrewo

    The teachers union has been hiding incompetent and lazy teachers for decades. Ruining peoples lives. Spoiling their chances for earning a living.

    A simple regression analysis of exam results will show that the teacher is the major factor in determining outcomes. For years I watched my kids school grades yo-yo in concert with which teacher they were allocated.

  • busman007

    This is bullshit !!! i got kicked out when i was 15 ! they taught me nothing too cam it would be different if they actually taught people serious shit like investing money or balancing cheque books!! or anything worthwhile in like – as i said to a teacher once our kids are taught by you bloody unionists – just goes to show what f$#ked up kids are out there now pandering to you troughers.

  • reid

    I actually think the climate is right if Key wanted to do it, to spend some of his capital on proposing that unions are prevented from participating in the political process.

    Across the board.

    By all means represent workers in the law and be there for them. But unions are not political organs. They’re not. They’re worker organs. That is a commercial repeat commercial relationship not a political one.

    Stand back and watch it blow, but I reckon if Key wanted to spend it, that would be a massive king hit because he’d still win this election handsomely, and people would very quickly become adjusted to political life without union finance, lobbying and active feet on the ground.