Get her away from young kids

Lessons from history – if you make an offensive statement but get away with it, making an absolute dick of yourself in the process, then make sure you don’t do it again.

Unless, of course, you are the thoroughly unpleasant Invercargill principal and NZPF/NZEI activist Marlene Campbell.

This nasty piece of work recently described Anne Tolley as Hitler, because she refused to back down in the face of whining leftie principals over National Standards.

The lovely Marlene was forced to apologize to her board of trustees, school, and the local community – but didn’t apologize to the education minister.

A few of the left-wing principals protested yesterday at MoE offices – but only 140 failed to hand in legal documents as opposed to the 350 that were threatening.

Rather then keep her mouth shut, Marlene decided it would be a good idea to speak to Cue TV and this time compare Anne Tolley to Joseph Goebbels – Hitler’s chief propagandist.

Not only that, she had a good old laugh about her previous Hitler comments.

Some questions. Is it appropriate for this woman to be in charge of young children – what kind of hysterical offensive nonsense is she putting in their minds?

She apologized once and got away with it – what action is her board now going to take?

If she feels so strongly anti-government, why doesn’t she resign and stand for parliament?

She could begin by handing back the extra $2000 she gets a year to teach literacy and numeracy programmes.

Meanwhile, Tolley is starting to threaten rebel schools she will take away their funding if they don’t do as they are told. And it’s working a treat.


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  • whalewatcher

    I am glad she’s not my child’s “Head Teacher” to use the modern parlance

    She could do with a bit of John Graham Principal Rectification Therapy to sort her out

  • cadwallader

    This so-called campaign has nothing to do with the principle of what is most constructive for pupils, it is all about a leftie hatred of being personally accountable. This Invercargill creep is merely an example. I understand there is a pro-rebel schools rant at the Standard, pathetic bastards!

    • thor42

      Agreed. I mean, FUCK – ***what is it*** with the f**king teachers and principals, that they think they can get away with being damned-near the last group of people in the country to not be held accountable for their “work”?
      What is it, that they seem to get a kick out of being one of the most hated groups of people in the community, on a par with child-molesters?
      Tolley is still nowhere near tough enough with them. I’m still not convinced by her. If she were a bloke, she’d be in the soft-cock category. Starting to get some firmness, but still limp…..

      • “Agreed. I mean, FUCK – ***what is it*** with SOME f**king teach­ers and prin­ci­pals,”

        Fixed that for you.

        Generalisations undermine a point.

        • bunswalla

          In general.

  • reid

    Interesting that Marlene has clearly read Goebbel’s Principles of Propaganda since she was able to quote one from it.

    Just what you’d expect from a well-versed lefty. Imagine what Marlene would say if Tolley was stupid enough ever to admit she herself had read it? That’s right Marlene, principle ten, isn’t it: accuse your opponents most vigorously of that which you yourself are most guilty and wish to hide and deflect…

    Lefties are disgraceful creatures aren’t they. I mean there are some lovely, beautiful, peaceful lefties who are really truly genuine, but when you get to the political activists, it’s like a continuum where the more left you are the more you completely eschew any morality you ever had because the cause doesn’t require that, it requires that you promote it non-stop using propaganda by any and all means. This is why Liarbore doesn’t give a fuck and also has used taxpayer funds and why Marlene is like she is.

    They’re right, anyone who resists them deserves to be dealt with anyway they can be, regardless of ethics, right or wrong, the law, nothing gets in the way of The Cause, Blessed be it. In other words, fuck the lot of us. Our views don’t count.

    This is the common strand running thru every single lefty you can think of. There are the odd exceptions, such as I really don’t think all Labour’s Caucus are of this ilk although some are. It seems to happen more in lefty women than in lefty men.

    Possibly cause they’re paid less than us, who knows.

    • There are a number of quite enlightening parallels between radical leftism and radical Islam. Both are failed political ideologies clinging to the past (the NZIE to Moscow circa 1955 and radical Islam to Abu Dhabi circa 700).

      “I mean there are some lovely, beau­ti­ful, peace­ful left­ies who are really truly gen­uine”

      You’re describing what the MSM has mistakenly termed “moderate” Islam. Lefties are lefties, and the only difference between the hard communists such as the vile subject of this post and the “lovely, beautiful, peaceful” ones is that Marlene Campbell is at least honest about her ideological ends. Muslims are Muslims and the only difference between the crazy who straps himself into an exploding vest and the “lovely, beautiful, gentle” Indonesian man who goes to work of a day, prayers on Friday and home to the wives at night is the combustible one has a clearer understanding of what the Book of Death commands believers.

      • reid

        TGG let’s just say I don’t buy your interpretation of what a faithful Muslim actually thinks but I don’t want to go off-thread into it as it usually takes quite awhile to explain why…

        • Fair enough reid, but I think we can both agree the vile Marlene Campbell is the equivalent of the more combustible variety!

          • cadwallader

            I wish she was self-combustible, provided ahe doesn’t explode near the pupils. Her charges have clearly endured enough at the hands of this creep.

          • reid

            Fanatics always are, TGG. Can’t change their mind and won’t change the subject.

            Let’s hope Marlene reads this and spontaneously combusts from pure rage in the school yard someday soon.

            It was a sad case of self-induced fanaticism gone wild, is the Coroner’s ruling.

  • royaloaks

    What a nasty leftie little Marlene is. She should be held accountable for the hideous comments she has made towards Anne Tolley who is her boss. If she worked for me and spoke to me like that I would sack the whining nobody and replace her with someone that has a bit of respect. She should remember that personal abuse happens when intelligence is lacking.

  • wilsmark

    Could she be any worse than having John minto as your teacher. A curse on them both.

    • reid

      And Fox News as well. Fair and Balanced could be John’s slogan as well, since they both display similar.

  • kevin

    She must be doing some ‘self-promotion’ with a view to joining the Mana party…. should slot in there just fine.

    • Neh Kevin; the NZEI is Labour in drag. Always has been; always will be.

  • lulu

    Here’s the thing, public servants are required to do their jobs and not comment on policy matters publicly. Policy is a matter for the Minister and Ministers, in turn, seek advice from their Ministries. As a rule the Ministries don’t talk about policy in public, that is the Minister’s prerogative. In any other wing of the public service speaking out against the wishes of a Minister would be a disciplinary matter.
    What is it about some principals that they think they can stand up against their Minister? Accusing the Minister of propaganda and comparing her to Goebbels! Who the fuck do they think they are and why aren’t they treated like the rest of the public service? They don’t operate on some higher moral plane.
    This Marlene woman and the rest of her cohort are a disgrace to education and a disgrace to the public service. I would support the Minister if she moved to discipline her and discipline her hard. This stupid ignorant up-herself Marlene is a twat.

  • hsv325

    This minger needs the good news from Governer Christie

  • thor42

    I’ve just sent off an ***extremely-strongly worded*** email to Tolley, criticising her for her lack of action on this matter (and her powder-puff approach to the teachers in general).
    I won’t mince words. Tolley is a pussycat. She hasn’t got the guts to really get into it and sort the teachers out.
    I’m happy to be proved wrong there, but I don’t think I will be.

    • Given the inertia with this policy (3 fucking years and the teachers are still rebelling) I think it’s a safe bet Tolley will be shuffled soon after the election. Give it to one of the few with a track record for actually doing something in their current portfolio or, even better …

      Kathy Odgers, Minister of Education!!!!!

      • reid

        No way. Tolley is tough. Look what she has to deal with and don’t imagine the Ministry itself doesn’t privately and institutionally share precisely the same views as the resistors do.

        She has done bloody well to get this far this fast. This is cemented in by the end of the second term in parent’s minds and that’s the only thing that counts. Another three years beyond that and it is simply background noise in the way things work and any change mooted by Liarbore in rolling it back, is pushing it uphill, by the 2017 election.

        This is about the only thing the Nats have done to roll back Hulun’s extensive social engineering, certainly the most effective thing. While I have criticised Tolley in the past for inaction on not being publicly forthright enough, fact is, she is doing in Education what Grosser is doing in Trade – she is. That makes her, on results, on rubber-on-the-road, one of the top performers, doesn’t it? If not, who beats her? English? Brownlee? Collins? Yes, Collins does. Who else? She’s at least in the top ten if not the top five, on results…

  • cadwallader

    Having thought about this creep and its vile pronouncements for a further 24 hours I suggest that her conduct is a sackable offence and that we as taxpayers have a right to demand her dismissal. The dismissal is not for her most extreme utterances but for her blatant refusal to follow a Ministerial directive. Off to write to Tolley now.

  • royaloaks

    I just watched the video of her. Simpleton!