Go to Hell

Hell pizza will no longer be my preferred Pizza supplier. Literally they can go to Hell. Any company that rips off a charity doesn’t deserve my business.

Hell pizza refused to pay $10,000 the company had pledged to Telethon – after the company’s boss asked workmates for advice about how they could avoid paying the “dorks”.

Warren Powell initially agreed that Hell would pay the sum to the KidsCan charity in exchange for “exposure” at the Viaduct headquarters of the Big Night In Telethon in 2009.

Suppliers including Goodman Fielder and Red Bull donated boxes of supplies to the company and Hell staff were asked to volunteer their time for the event.

But after seeing reports that some of the money raised was failing to reach needy children, Powell reneged on the deal, says Julie Helson, chief executive of KidsCan.

Helson said Hell Pizza used negative reports about the charity as an excuse to not pay what it owed.

“He reneged on it and they just didn’t pay up,” she said. “We got nothing.

“Powell was so rude to us, he was filthy, really derogatory.”

That is pretty low. Probably the lowest stunt that Hell has tried. They have run offensive billboards, a persecution campaign against Mark Hotchin but now their dirty dealings have come back to bite them on the arse.

In the lead-up to the event, Powell wrote to organisers: “Yes, we will give ALL proceeds from the van to Telethon”.

“Yes, we will cover the cost of making the pizza.

“Yes you will see me there, I will be making pizza (best dam [sic] pizza maker in the country).”

Pretty unequivocal. They should front up with the $10,000. They have certainly paid more than that for their billboards vilifying Mark Hotchin.

But in an email dated August 13, several days after the 24-hour fundraiser, Powell changed his tune.

He wrote to colleagues: “So how does this work? We gave away pizza by the dozen to these dorks and raised good [sic] knows how much; now am I expected to give them a chq in return for nothing?

“What do they have in writing and from whom? From below it looks like they have a verbal but that is all.”

That just makes Powell scum, trying to rip off a charity.

Even after KidsCan produced an audit showing that all the money was reaching children in poverty, Hell Pizza did not pay the money.

Helson said the charity chose not to pursue a civil action through the courts because that would have cost more than they hoped to get.

“We’re in the business of helping kids.” Helson said $10,000 would support 56 children for a year, buying them school meals, shoes, socks, a raincoat and a beanie.

If someone from KidsCan would like to contact me I will happily provide promotion for any of their events free of charge.

Meanwhile might I suggest to the Whale Army that Hells Pizza be removed from their lists of preferred suppliers, indefinitely.





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  • P1LL

    what a douche bag . No more Hell Pizzas 4 me

  • They had long gone from my list of Pizza providers. Wholly Pizza is way nicer anyway.

  • whafe

    No longer my preferred Pizza supplier….

    In sync with their advertising culture, I think Powell sounds somewhat like the “spawn of the devils anus”…….. He is likely to be happy to be that!

  • monty

    Off my list much better at Pepes Pizzasin lower Hutt. Fuck you Hell pizza. You are now on my shit list.

  • ltchop

    Just emailed then on [email protected] to let them know we have ordered our last pizza from them. Seems they are is a little stook – a little problem with the SFO???

  • thedeityformerlyknownasnigel6888

    Ok, Hell has been dumb. But lets remember about these so called “boutique” charities.

    Most if not all of them are scams. The owners do very nicely, but somehow, despite lots of firms volunteering product, 85% of the money gets chewed up in “expenses”. Which tends to include nice cars for the boss and his/her partner, nice accommodation, “marketing” and quite an attractive “living wage” for various family members.

    Cactus did a nice expose on the “charity” doing coats for schoolkids a couple of years back, worth digging back out.

    Hint, if you want to donate to charity, donate to the Sallies, the red cross or some other reputable mob. Even, if you can stomach the pinkos give your cash to oxfam. These real charities don’t clip every ticket they can find.

    So Hell were idiots for getting sucked in, and are scum for reneging on a commitment. But they were scum before anyway. “Edgy” pizza is so last century.

    • sexybeast

      It is correct that a charity can charge whatever % they like for their service out of the money they raise as it is unregulated and most people don’t understand what a lucrative business it can be. The fact remains that Powell got the publicity out of the deal and didn’t donate. Also, out of the HUGE amount of money Hell makes 10K is a drop in the pizza oven. And it’s tax deductable FFS.

      Hope the SFO has a ball and they can shove their pizza up their black and red arse.

  • thor42

    They were on my “never again” list anyway. I ordered a pizza from them a couple of months ago. Taste was ok, but the base was thin-as. Barely thicker than tissue-paper. Nope – no more pizzas from them.

  • None of the Pizza chains come up to scratch IMO. I eat a lot of TA, but I stopped eating pizza ever since the little guy who used to hand-make them closed up due to the big chains squeezing him out of business.

  • naylor

    So the boss of the Hell franchise system (not even members of the Franchise Association of NZ which provides standards for which franchise systems should operate by) has fleeced sick children and thinks he’s cool for telling them to go jump.

    I hope the SFO are seriously looking into his business dealings and those who support this guy. Subpena the suppliers and providers of services to Mr Warren Powell for any work invoiced and they might find some interesting things going on…

  • wallyanchor

    Hell do good pizza. When we get pizza it’s always from Hell.

    But no longer. That sort of attitude is not acceptable. You pledge something, you front up and honor the deal, not try to weasel out of it.

    Hopefully Hell will lose a LOT more than the $10,000 they’re “saving”, due to lack of patronage after this fiasco.

    I know they will not get one red penny from me in the future.

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