Goffice asleep at the wheel

I think Cunliffe/Parker/Zetetic are having a wee chortle about Phil’s Wikipedia page.


UPDATE: Another Wiki edit has appeared:


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  • sweetdisorder

    Funny having a look through the edit history.

    “Goff’s performance in government is generally considered to be mediocre, despite his being one of the better known members of the Labour Party.” – is this a legit change

  • kevin

    ‘mediocre’? Nah, just a bullsh*ter who is anxious to end his career on an new low (which takes some doing). What a legacy.
    Dishonourable? Yes. No error there.

  • adolffiinkensein

    Well that’s pretty interesting. Was he the Minister of Corrections and Minister for FAT for some OTHER country?

  • titanuranus

    They have changed the page already,tho` you can rate it at the bottom ,L O L have fun.

  • Doc

    Someone with editing ability needs to add this to the GST paragraph:

    and the Labour caucus set out on an ‘Axe the Tax’ nationwide road trip, but when asked wouldn’t commit to axing the tax[9][10]

  • reid

    I bet Phil was weally weally pwoud the first time he got a wiki entwy as the Weader of the Opposition! Now look what’s happened. It’s bwocken.


    Oh the humanity.

  • thor42

    “Phil In”…. I like it….. ;)