Hasn't Phil told Maryan?

Oh dear this is going to get messy.

Is Phil not communicating with his caucus?

I’m looking forward to seeing Maryan apologise…this afternoon would be good, I’ve never seen a Labour MP apologise before, I can’t hardly wait to see what that looks like.


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  • hollyfield

    On Breakfast this morning Annette King said that Phil Goff hadn’t received any briefing papers and the Prime Minister’s briefing was faulty.

  • monty

    Is the post still up on red alert. Or has it now been taken down. I can’t find it

  • Doc

    Of course they won’t apologise, it obviously wasn’t their fault.
    The briefing was faulty so therefore it doesn’t count…

  • chiefsfan73

    insumnatio says:
    July 26, 2011 at 6:44 pm
    So phil was briefed. You were wrong and now you are arguing the semantics in an attempt to avoid the obvious. You and your leader will latch on to anything and smear anyone in an attempt to score political points. I’m glad you have respect for mr tucker. Now just have some for the voting public and you might see your polling improve.

    To much i know to expect an apology when you infer that a senior public servant lied when they said phil had been briefed.