Houston! We have a problem!

Oh dear looks like Labour has a problem. Ok sure, they have LOADS of problems, but this isn’t one they need.

Houston - Labour problem


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  • pdm

    He may at last have realised that when you are well below 5% and still owe taxpayers $158,000 that he is in no position to do deals with anyone. He may also have heard that John Key has already ruled him out.

  • gazzaw

    Next weeks policy announcements by the Greens will be interesting. Wussel is shrewd enough to know that there is no future for the Greens in being tied to the political corpse
    that is Liabore. He is also pragmatic enough to know that the Greens are much better off securing a small proportion of the Nat supporters party vote than a large slice of the diminishing Liabore supporters party vote.

  • michaels

    But Whale we are also talking about the bauble freak.
    NOBODY, you well know can believe a damn thing that WPF says.