Inspiration for Judith

Haven’t seen any cars crushed yet. This is how they do it overseas.

Several drivers that where involved in illegal street racing in Ontario, Canada had their cars impounded to later find out that the cars where to be destroyed due to having stolen engines, transmissions, and other performance parts or modifications.

I think this song could well be her personal wrestling theme music.


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  • peterwn

    The only cars that should be crushed are those that cannot be readily de-modified and sold, or are not worth wrecking for parts. If the Crown can make a bit of money on a conficated vehicle, it should do so. The objective of crushing is to avoid ‘souped up’ cars getting back into the hands of hoons. This is probably why only a few cars are crushed in NZ. In North America there would be a higher portion of drivable cars with minimal resale value which is why a higher portion or conficated cars would be crushed.

  • kevin

    Pretty shitty collection of seized/crush cars… Mostly wrecking propositions anyway. No sleep lost by their owners I wouldn’t think.