Interesting article about heartless insurance companies

I can think of at least one insurance company that certainly likes to turn the screws on claimants.

Insurers ‘turn mental health screws’ |
Insurance companies “panicked” by the excesses of modern lifestyles are increasingly using mental health issues as grounds to reject claims or applications.

Special Risk Insurance director Brian Klee, an insurance broker for almost 40 years, said compared with three years ago, the average Kiwi was far more likely to have their claim or application for insurance rejected because of a mental health issue.

One company I know of has a backlog of cases in the High court they are desperately trying to keep on the down low, especially as they are losing them. They are also losing cases before the Insurance Ombudsman as fast as they get filed.


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  • sexybeast

    I heard there was a double standard where if you have depression that the insurer can refuse you cover unless you are medicated (which is only one of the treatments for depression. You could modify your diet and exercise which have been shown to be more effective than meds and no negative side effects).

    Sovereign insurance asked my doctor if I’d had a sex change because I’d changed my name by deed poll! They also asked for my full medical records to peruse at their leisure. I decided they could get fucked.