Is Phil Twyford stealing underpants too now?

Phil Twyford is a loserEven by Labour’s low standards standards Phil Twyford is a loser. Around Auckland at candidate selection time the strategy at electorate after electorate was “anyone but Twyford”.

It’s not hard to see why.

Yesterday Twyford posted on Red Alert 5 written Parliamentary Questions to the Prime Minister and 6 to Rodney Hide.

These are the winning questions from Labour designed to unsettle National and dislodge them from Government come November. These are clearly part of the Stealing Underpants election campaign strategy brilliantly thought up by Trevor Mallard.

Clearly Phil Twyford is wondering what on earth was Rodney Hide doing skulking over in Te Atatu taking pictures of Twyford’s and Henare’s offices that are dead opposite each other in Te Atatu Road and using VIP Services. I mean the cheek of it travelling down a main road in a Labour…oops…I mean Chris Carter’s electorate.

To save taxpayer money on the Parliamentary Questions I risked life and limb and rang Hide.  He abused me some more for being a dirty coup plotter.  And when he had calmed down said he had been with Labour’s Kelvin Davis and Carmel Sepuloni opening the new Arohanui Satellite Class at Edmonton School plum in the middle of the Te Atatu electorate.  Tau Henare couldn’t make it but sent along his electorate agent Alex Sie who was duly acknowledged.

Hide was there as the Minister Responsible for Special Needs.

But where was Twyford?  And how come he didn’t know about the big occasion in a school in his own wanna-be electorate?  And how come Kelvin and Carmel didn’t tell Phil?  And how come Phil is drafting Parliamentary Questions to government ministers to find out what is happening in what he thinks is his own electorate?

I asked Hide why he stopped to take the picture? He said it was because he had never seen anything as absurd as two List MPs’ offices dead opposite each other, and in an electorate of a another MP as well.

From where I am sitting this certainly looks like a Stealing Underpants campaign strategy to me.

The strategy is really working too from the latest polls and some of the tactics are becoming apparent. We’ve had David Shearer endorsing a government policy, Trevor Mallard trying to beat me in an asymmetrical war that he can’t possibly win, Labour trying to hack my website in retaliation for outing their silly information security, and now we have Phil twyford drafting umpteen written questions in order to get an answer that if he had attended a local electorate school opening he would have known the answers to.

Yep the Underpants Stealing plan is working. They must be winning votes with those cunning stunts.


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  • Phil Twyford; Shadow Minister for the Homeless ;-)

  • grizz

    Did Chris Carter get a job at the UN, or is he going to run again in Te Atatu? If he does run, this may increase the Chances of Twyford remaining homeless. Head to Head though, cannot see Tau winning this battle.

  • Here’s a quote from Mark Steyn that describes New Zealand in 2011 as accurately as it did America 2005:

    “If you believe in a two-party system, in the end even the integrity of the dominant party isn’t served by the self-marginalization of the only alternative…”

    Steyn is saying Labour’s current hopeless condition allows the Key government to be the very worst instantiTion of itself and still be sky high in the polls. Were Labour more organized it would force National to be better.

    That’s not to absolve the quisling Key of accountability of course.

  • timboh

    Look Cameron this HAS to be part of the VRWC. Think about it. A political party wants to get into power so as part of the big plan make startling ‘sinister’ semi-truths and breathless anticipation about the questions why a car stopped, a guy got out and took a photo. No mention of working people, Christchurch insurance issues, Healthcare, Education, the future of New Zealand, the dumbing down … and on and on. My hypothesis is that no smart, truthful, decent, caring, diverse, understanding collection of people like the current Labour party would be as.. well dumb enough to write about something like this without doing a little ‘research’. So…. APPLY THE DUCK TEST… if it walks like a duck, if it looks like a duck AND if it sounds like a duck it probably is a duck. My feeling is that it has to be a leadership conspiracy to get the National Party elected. Your thoughts?

    • timboh

      Sorry made a Freslip and typed ‘leadership’ but meant a conspiracy about leadership. I realize that raises another question. Leadership of what? No doubt all will be revealed.

  • johnboy

    “Hide was there as the Min­is­ter Respon­si­ble for Spe­cial Needs.”

    Phew. I can’t think of any Minister who needs something special to get back in than poor old Rodders! :)