Keep Calm and Ignore the Polls

Keep calm and ignore the pollsThere is an old adage in advertising, there’s two kinds of people who can make it. Those that can talk about it and those that can do it.

Labour’s adman, “Hutch“, has always been considered as sone who could talk could about it and was never truly respected by his peers as he only ever went where the money was.

But my sources tell me that he is struggling with his new client, the NZ Labour Party, having said of them, “It is difficult to spread glitter on shit!”

At a brainstorming session he boomed out across the spellbound room that what the party needed was a big game-changer.  As he waved his hands in the air he was desperately trying to think of an example.

“Like a Capital Gains Tax!” He exclaims.

“Wow! What a great idea!” cried the Labour Party members present (Trevor?) and that’s how it became policy.

Keep Calm and Ignore the Polls.


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  • The only circuit breaker left is to roll Phil.

    The only choice left is to do it now or after the election.

    Do it now, and more Labour MPs keep their jobs, and maybe, just maybe, with the foibles of MMP, there is a smidgen of a chance to be part of a Coalition Government.

    Obviously the Old Guard are not putting the Party’s interests before their own. And so, we will enjoy the Schadenfreude for quite some time to come.

    Eh Trev?