Labor getting campaign advice from Duck?

Trevor Mallard, Labour’s crippled campaign manager is running his vaunted Underpants Stealing campaign plan. It is so successful that the ALP is now looking to use it.

THE public will be invited to shape the policies Labor takes to the next state election under proposals aimed at breathing life back into the shattered ALP brand in NSW.

A year-long series of open forums, to be known as the ”big conversation”, will be the basis of a three-year plan to make Labor a viable alternative to the O’Farrell Government.

Plans to re-engage the community stem from a review into the March election wipeout, now being completed by former deputy premier, John Watkins, and Queensland’s state secretary, Anthony Chisholm.

Sections of the review, detailed yesterday to The Sun-Herald , reveal Mr Watkins will call for a complete overhaul of Labor’s approach to selecting candidates – seen as a key contributor to the party’s ”culture of scandal”.

Now we know why the ALP professional campaigners were over here attending Labour party campaign meetings on the North Shore. To get ideas!


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  • spiker

    Pretty desperate of them if they are trying to get winning ideas from NZs labour party.

  • adolffiinkensein

    If you want to see a shambles with a capital S, just have a look at Labor in government just now. They essentially are destroying the Australian economy in an effort to keep the Greens alongside and avoid an election.

    Like our own mob, they’ll need more than a few ideas. Some leadership might not be a bad start.

  • thor42

    Asking the Labour Party for advice on winning is like asking a rabbi for advice on pork recipes.

  • paranormal

    It just proves how intellectually bankrupt Aus Liarbore are as well. The “Big Conversation” is an idea straight from 1990’s UK Liarbore. Blair & Gordon used it to try and get back in touch with the electorate when Thatcher & then Major were living at no.10.