Labour ditches Wood in Botany

Chau-Fu WuAfter his spanking in Botany Labout has ditched their much vaunted union patsy Michael Wood for the upcoming election. Instead they have chosen Chau-Fu Wu to lose in the Botany seat against Jami-Lee Ross this year. I note the extreme confidence Labour has in selecting Mr Wu, he is in 70th and last place on Labour’s list. Michael Wood is at 32 and may just get there on current polling.

It makes Labour’s commitments to Botany by Michael Wood during the by-election look pretty shallow don’t ya think?

So where is the penis lolly crusader looking to stand, now he and Labour have again abandoned Botany?

Perhaps he is keeping his options open so he can stand in the Mt Roskill by-election in February.


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  • gazzaw

    So the much vaunted Michael Wood (champion of the working classes) will now at the very best be a scum list MP? Anything for a buck I suppose.

  • reid

    Wood was in favour of penis lollies?

    Clearly this is a major political talent destined for beyond the stars maybe even the entire galaxy and beyond.

    It takes a lot to wreck a career before you’ve even got past the first hurdle of actually entering Parliament, it’s like getting on that first rung on the ladder at a corporate but he has done it, in style. For Michael, being subject of ridicule is a politician’s death knell. How hard do you think that’s going to be, once this news becomes widely known, as it will, over the years. Oh dear.

    Well done Michael, and this is Liarbore’s 32nd best prospect for national leadership out of the entire Liarbore Party across the whole country? Wow they’ve got deep deep talent haven’t they.

    Good to hear BTW Phil finally reversing his strategy of staying out of the media in order to enhance his popularity, since its a bit dangerous really, not to say anything at all, when you’re the Leader of the Opposition and it’s election year. But good to hear finally said that he won’t say anything right now, but in a week he’ll tell us all about it.


    Crikey Phil, what’s that going to do to the polls? Best let Silent-T take that one on, it is his portfolio after all, plus he must to used to what’s going to happen, by now, you’d think.

    So I predict we still won’t see much of Phil, next week, either.

    Let’s hope some journo next week asks whoever it is who announces Liarbore’s tax policy, what their policy is on taxing penis-shaped lollies.

  • I always sensed that the penis lollies would be Michael Wood’s undoing…

    • reid

      Perhaps this is what happens a lot, behind closed doors in the Union, I2, and it’s just normal, to them.

      Perhaps he just forgot he wasn’t there, he was somewhere else, when he just said something off the top of his head.

      It is after all almost the first thing anyone ever thinks about whenever we venture into public so you have to give him credit, we all WANT to say it, we’re just too embarrassed about it.

      So I guess you can’t blame him, really. But you woulda thought he’d be a bit on guard as a politicial candidate in the presence of media wouldn’t you. That’s a bit odd, when you come to think about it.

      I really hope a journo asks that question. I wonder what would happen.