Labour poll disaster

The lates 3News/Reid Research poll has come out and it is a disaster for Labour and this is before the population learned of Labour’s plan to tax then harder. UPDATE: Video is now live on 3News.

The results are:

National – up 2.% to $55.1%

Labour – down 2.9% to 29.9%

Greens – up 2.6% to 9.1%

ACT – down 0.5% to 1.7%

Maori – down 0.8% to 0.8%

Mana – up 0.2% to 0.7%

In the preferred Prime Minister stakes John Key has 50.%% and Phil Goff has 6.9%.

Simply put no one likes Labour and left wingers are preferring Greens. Though having Russel Norman talking about an associate finance position in a Labour/Greens coalition is likely to scare the horses further.

John Key has his lines sorted. If you want lower taxes vote National and if you want higher taxes vote Labour. Labour must still be wondering if they could pull a Gillard and roll Goff and put someone, anyone, in to staunch the bleeding.


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  • reid

    Oh dear.

    This is tewwible.

    Deawy, deawy me. Woe is us.

    Why won’t these silly fools see Phil for who he weally twuly is, a weally nice man who just wants to help. Instead people seem to see some sort of rat-like figure, it’s appawentwy vewy vewy easy for some people to think of Phil like some sort of rat-man, gnawing greedily on a wizened bit of mouldy old cheese.

    Yes we all wish now we hadn’t picked him in the first place and gone for that nice Silent-T, instead. We all know that, now.

    Perhaps Twevor will have a cunning plan tomowwow. He’s quite good like that.

  • thor42

    Great poll for the Nats! Good to see Labour dropping below 30%. ACT are still really struggling though. They’ll still be completely dependent on getting Epsom.
    FFS – it should *really* be *ACT* who are getting 30% and *Labour* on 1.7%.

  • NX

    Still waiting for the for the article to appear on the 3news site.

    Not that I particularly want to see Duncan Garner egocentric performance, I just like seeing the result!

    I agree with thor42 – I’m both surprised and disappointed that Dr Brash has failed to lift ACT’s support.

  • cadwallader

    Two surprises: The height of the Greenie support and the depths of ACT’s support.

    The rest is ho-hum.

    Goof is gone. Is it possible his personal support could drop further? he’ll soon need to rely on a scuba to breathe.

    PS has Winston pulled out altogether?

    • I agree Cadwaller. I mean where was the poll taken? Fucking Coromandel? The watermelons on 9.1%. I’d be surprised if there are 9.1 PEOPLE who know what any of their looney policies are and the havoc they would wreak on the country!

    • reid

      The height of the Gree­nie sup­port

      Why surprising? Where else are white pakeha lefties who don’t like Liarbore going to go?


  • thor42

    Heck – the poll was *before* Labour’s tax “lead balloon”? Blimey……
    In that case, the polls *after* it will make interesting reading……

    • gazzaw

      Thor, I agree with your sentiments but believe me there are enough gullible fuckwit voters out there who will really go for the CGT as it will be sold to them by Liabore’s wordsmiths as an envy tax on the rich pricks. If, and it looks highly likely that it will include shares you can bet your bottom dollar that Liabore will not tell them how that will affect their Kiwisaver.

      • thor42

        Agreed, gazzaw. It’ll be sold as a “hit the *cough* rich pricks *cough* ” tax, and there are definitely enough uneducated losers out there who would swallow that – hook, line and sinker.

  • jabba

    “Though hav­ing Rus­sel Nor­man talk­ing about an asso­ciate finance posi­tion” .. um, I think you misheard Wussell .. associate finance was a minimum expectation, he wasn’t simply talking about it.
    Imagine a Govt with Goff as PM, Annette King as Deputy PM (fkg hell) and Silent T, with the help of Wussell, as Finance Minister .. other Ministers like Dyson, Cosgrove, jabba the hutt (no relation) and possibly Winny … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • royaloaks

      For Gods sake jabba, I want to sleep tonight, not have nightmares!

  • jabba

    sorry royaloaks .. it is still possible BUT I’m sure the people will have the possibilty put to them and they will also shudder and run

  • Goff is secure – only because no-one believes they can get close to John Key, let alone beat him.