Labour's Poll disasters continue

The verdict is in on Labour’s capital gains tax and it isn’t good…for Labour.

Fairfax has a new poll and have launched it like a funeral dirge for Labour.

Fairfax poll bad news for Labour


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  • cadwallader

    The other great thing about this Poll is that Winston’s stuffed too. If he tries his luck in an electorate, which I doubt, there’ll still be no hope for the filthy prick.
    With Goff at the helm there’s room for Labour to collapse further. How about sub 22%?It must be a hangover day at the Stranded!!!!

  • cadwallader

    It may be time to bring out those two babies again, the ones who crapped themselves in response to the polls last Autumn. There’ll be loaded nappies across the remnants of Labour today!

  • thor42

    Great! Now *this* is more like it.
    I’d still like to see ACT rise a lot further though. Brash seems to have done **nothing** in the last couple of months.
    He’s dropped from sight – what the heck is he doing? A cardboard cutout would be doing a better job than he is.