Labour's stitch-up in Epsom

Just a day after accusing National of a stitch up in their selection in Epsom Labour has had an own goal by stitching up their own selection of David Parker in Epsom.

Stitch Up in EpsomI like how David Farrar called Marwick on his repeating. Once again the blogosphere leads and the MSM repeats.

Not very smart of deputy leader aspirant Grant Robertson to stuff up the announcement of his running mate’s selection by highlighting Labour’s own stitch up.


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  • hollyfield

    Yahoo’s website says David Parker “has confirmed he’ll be taking on National’s Paul Goldsmith and ACT’s John Banks at the general election”.

    Then in the same article it says “Labour Party HQ say it has yet to receive his nomination papers”.

    So he hasn’t even been nominated yet, but he knows he’s the candidate?

  • hollyfield

    And the Herald says:

    “But Labour is to make a show of strength in the blue-ribbon seat by fielding high-profile frontbencher David Parker as its candidate”.


    “Mr Parker, Labour’s associate finance spokesman, confirmed he was seeking his party’s nomination to run in Epsom”.

  • paranormal

    Talking about the MSM running stories led by bloggers – well done again Cam. Your research on Kindies is front page of the Herald. Obviously without any recognition but what do you expect from repeaters?

    Did you see Lord Monckton on Sky News debating climate change at the Aussie press club? He was excellent repeatedly saying to the audience “do your job” in relation to doing research around a story rather than just repeating the lines they’re given.

  • naylor

    Does this mean we will see Parker and Jacinta holding hands and swooning around together in Epsom’s cafes? $500 for the best pic of them together!