Mallard defamatory and racist

Trevor Mallard talking out of assTrevor Mallard can’t lie straight in bed. He is crippled after all. He has to resort to lies, innuendo and now racism so desperate is he to prove that the Gnomes Underpants Stealing plan for election victory is working.

Today he really goes all out and defames me, Simon Lusk and insults and defames Aaron Bhatnagar for being an Indian amongst other things. I wonder what Labour’s Indian supporters think about his racial slurs, and I wonder what Phil Goff’s good friend Neelam Choudary has to say about it too.

I’m of a mind to stick his fucking bike race up his arse because of his constant lies and now his racist attitudes.

It certainly looks like the Buggers Muddle has been leaking and lying to Mallard again, in the hope that their favourite will get through.

There will be more on this later, who in National has been leaking to Labour and to Mallard, worse been lying about it too.

Mallard lies


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  • kevin

    Strangeness… and too much red w(h)ine? It’s at the point were I can’t wait for the next episode of ‘mallard odd comments’. Entertainment plus :-))

  • buffalobob

    I wonder if we will see Minto marching outside his office….like they did with Paul Henry…..I doubt it….

  • monty

    Trevor you are a waste of space. Maybe you should not blog when you have been taking those pain killers.

  • marybelle

    It is time some of these career politicians got a real job in the real world. We need a good clean out this election. Singling out the Indian race and trying to be clever like this says more about Trevor Mallard than anything else. And he wants to help run our country again? The calibre and standard of some present politicians is very low. I recall Trevor Mallard was one of those who lowered the standard of language in parliament.