More taxpayer-funded Labour propaganda

This started arriving in letterboxes over the weekend.

More taxpayer-funded election advertisements from Labour.

They’re spending up large on the taxpayer before the three month ‘election period’ starts.

But I do wonder at why Phil Goff is absent now on Labour’s adverts?  Don’t they back him?
Labour Postcard - July 2011

Labour are certainly stepping well over the mark with their state funded advertising. This brochure clearly is asking for votes and as such should not be funded by Parliamentary Services. It even directs people to a Labour party campaign website. Again the PS logo is smaller than Labour’s which is against the rules.

Time for some complaints I think.


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  • hollyfield

    Based purely on the number of pamphlets, postcards etc they’ve delivered in recent months it is quite obvious they are deperate. Maybe someone should tell them the first rule when you’re desperate is to appear “not desperate”.

  • kehua

    sic em Cam.

  • whafe

    Go away to Europe & the U S of A for 3 weeks for work and nothing changes, Labour yet again you should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!!!!

  • buffalobob

    doesnt the crest have to be the same size as their logo?