National's most untrustworthy person – Part 1

This blog shall be taking a close look at trustworthiness in the National Party over the next few weeks.

This is because this blog has discovered and learned of some disturbing acts of untrustworthiness inside National over the last 6 months.

In fact, from what I have gathered over this time, it may well be some of the most untrustworthy behaviour seen in the National Party for the better part of 25 years.

What do I mean by untrustworthy?

Well, perhaps a score might be useful to help show the gravity of the situation.

I have come up with the “Whaleoil Un-Trustworthiness Scale” to help readers understand, with 1 being completely trustworthy, and 10 being despicably untrustworthy.

A score of 1 would be someone like John Key. Voters trust John Key. He has compromised the speed of some reforms in order to not break promises, such is the value of trust to him.

So who then, would be a ten?

Who would be Mr or Mrs Infinity? Far exceeding even a despicable ten.

Would it be the sort of person who abuses the office they hold within the party?

More to come….


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  • naylor

    what’s the bet it’s someone on the board who leaks information to the pinko left and is based in the North Island…

  • John Key is a ‘1’ because some unwashed wuck fits who get their information from the 6pm News said so? Fucking short memories. Key held up two fingers to them over the anti-parenting referendum. He betrayed them with Tinkerbell Finlayson’s Great Foreshore Giveaway. Those are but the two most egregious examples of his untrustworthiness.

    If Finlayson is a 10 (right up there with Winston Raymond Peters and Philip Field), then Key would be somewhere around a 6. If any result other than that, you have your thumb on the scale.