NZ's most corrupt politician endorses MMP

Winston Peters, New Zealand’s most corrupt politician, has endorsed MMP:

MMP has the approval of New Zealand First, ahead of its annual conference in Auckland this weekend.

The system will be the subject of a referendum at this year’s election which could see it retained, or lead to voters having a chance to choose a new approach.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says MMP is the system his party believes in because it’s so much better than the alternatives.

Great, now more than ever there is a reason for Kiwis to vote for change at the referendum.


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  • Cam, no matter how much you change the recipe, if you keep cooking with shit ingredients, you’ll never get a good result.

    • gaskranken

      Or as we say in our neck of the woods Petal, `You can only sculpt with the clay you’re given, right?’

      A billboard with a picture of the besuited, smirking one holding up some baubles of office and grinning, actually that could be any of them, with MMP inside a red circle with a diagonal line through it I reckon.

  • jabba

    the problem for Winny is that he “loses” supporters every day

  • mattyman

    Well of course he would. List MP’s aren’t accountable to anyone but their party. Time to dump MMP.

    In the recent fairfax poll, there was virtually no support for NZ First under 60 years old. Only time before support hits 0%