Orcon are useless bastards

For some years we were with Orcon. When we first signed up with them it was great, they bestowed gifts upon us and treated us like customers. Then the state took over and the old Orcon went away and a new crap Orcon came into being.

When we moved house they rooted up the change over. They left us without phone or net for two weeks. Conveniently they blamed Telecom but we had given them a months notice of the moving date.

Then in the new house the service just continued to degrade. Their were random network outages, speed degradation and drop outs. Holding Skype conversations became impossible.

What finally broke our resolve though was two outages where we lost the net for over a week but told that it was our fault and the wiring/router/convenient excuse x inside our house until I had jumped through so many hoops that they had to send a technician to check outside our house. Only the technician never truned up, never rang, and miraculously everything returned to normal.

Then just a month later our phones were dead. The net worked fine but the phones were dead. Of course Orcon started the cables must be faulty inside you house schtick all over again, then it must be the router, then almost anything else but send someone to fix the bloody thing. Again after days of jumping through hoops they decide to send a technician, who again never shows up or rings ro advises anything and again miraculously the phones start working again despite no change of equipment or wiring inside the house.

The thing that annoys me the most about all this carry on is that they make like it is all your fault. Even when you explain that nothing has changed inside, no new equipment, no new router, no changes to to anything. The second fault really got my goat because we ar on ADSL. So if the net is working then the phone line should be working, they are on the same fricken pair!

So anyway, we canceled. We went somewhere else. Do you think the troubles went away? Not bloody likely.

Now they continually send us bills for services we no longer receive. We have a new router configured by our new provider so it just isn’t possible that they can be billing us for services we used accidentally other than because they really are just tits at everything they do.

Calling them is pointless, emailing is worse, so maybe we will just start marking their emails as spam and see what happens then.

For anyone else out there thinking of signing up with Orcon. One word. DON”T.

Meanwhile we haven’t had a single outage, the Skype calls don’t degrade and the speed is awesome with the new supplier. Orcon are now in the same category as Hell Pizza for me. Never, ever, again.

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  • It’s much the same with Telecom/Xtra. ADSL outages all the time – phone reception poor but usually works. The neighbours up the valley have the same problem but get we get fobbed off with the same garbage Orcon used on you.

    Lies & stalling…anything but get off their arses & spend some money on the network.

  • sexybeast

    I have VOIP (phone over the internet) and am with Xnet. I thought about Orcon because of the gigs we use it is actually a slightly better deal than Xnet but have been to lazy to change. Saved by sloth! LOla

  • jman

    I had the exact same experience when I was with Orcon. Constant micro-outages which ruin it for me as an online gamer. Having it blamed on my wiring or my router despite me having changed nothing, and then it miraculously starts working again after I complain enough. Moved house but still the same thing. Then I switched to Telecom/Xtra and for the last 6 months I can’t remember my internet dropping even once. Bliss!

  • “For some years we were with Orcon. When we first signed up with them it was great, they bestowed gifts upon us and treated us like cus­tomers. Then the state took over and the old Orcon went away and a new crap Orcon came into being.”

    Verbatim account of what happened to us. We operate more than one BB connection with different suppliers so we have a reasonable feeling as to comparative performance.

    And for all the “we love to hate Telecom” people, Telecom are the most consistent performers out there.

    A lot of people don’t realise that it’s the quality of the physical connection and/or their gear and changing who charges you makes no difference at all.

    Telstra Clear are picking up the phone under an hour again – that’s got to be a bonus.

  • funkdup

    I work for an ISP that only caters for the business market (i.e. we don’t do ADSL for home users) but have some simple tips for choosing your ISP for home:
    1) VDSL is coming (already in some places) – this will provide for much faster internet if you aren’t too far from the exchange. Download speeds of 50mbps can be expected if the copper to your house is good.
    2) If you go with ADSL, there are some practical reasons to get it through Telecom. Moving your connection is one example: Telecom has to complete the line move before your ISP can even submit another MAC (move, add, change) request on that line, meaning a delay is inevitable (such as Cam posted).
    3) If your internet is flakey, get a new jackpoint installed. It may cost up to $200 (to get it done via Telecom/ Chorus) but it ensures the copper in your house is up to scratch.
    4) Avoid wireless internet (e.g Whoosh) if you can. Nothing comes close to being wired for consistency and speed.

  • hollyfield

    Telecom have consistently not met my expectations regarding service to my landline in a central Auckland suburb. For years I’ve had regular problems with static and loud clicks on the line to the point where I can’t hear the other person, the phone ringing and then cutting out when I answer (the other person – a family member – redials several times before the call will connect, so I know it’s not a series of prank calls), no sound at all on the line when I try to call out.
    At various times they’ve blamed
    my handset (I’ve told them I’ve tried three different phones plugged in one at a time and all three phones have the problem)
    my monitored alarm (I’ve told them I don’t have one)
    my electric fence unit (I’ve told them I’m in central Auckland, nobody around here has an electric fence, in addition I’ve previously lived on a farm so know an electric fence unit goes click plause click pause click, but these clicking sounds are cl-cl-cl-cl-cl-click pause and repeat, and are much much louder than electric fence clicks)
    the wiring in my house (I’ve told them I pay a contract charge to them every month to cover any repairs needed to wiring in the house, so this is their responsibility to fix)
    It took them five visits and three months before they changed something in the exchange – the problem is now occuring only infrequently, and I have decided to give up and put up with it until I move house later this year.
    The most annoying thing, though, is when I got so fed up that I told the “customer service” person that I didn’t think it was fair that I was paying full price for an incomplete service, and she told me that Telecom doesn’t “guarantee a fault-free service”. I don’t expect a fault-free service, but I do expect faults to be repaired, or a discount given where a fault cannot be repaired.
    Another annoyance, one day I got home from work to find a card from Chorus in my letterbox – I hadn’t been home when they came to fix my phone, so could I make an appointment for a suitable time. As I was very busy at work and couldn’t take time off during the day, I called them two days later to be told that because I hadn’t called within a set time they had cancelled my job and I would need to start from the beginning by calling Telecom to report the fault before it could be referred to Chorus. There was nothing on the card to indicate I needed to call within a set timefame.
    Plus of course at times being on hold for over an hour trying to report a fault.
    So lousy service all round.

  • pidge

    At least IRD have caught a clue and will call you back if they are busy…

  • hagues

    Totally agree. Was with Orcon for a few years, was initially good, then line speeds disappeared to pretty much dial up, connections dropping all the time, and as per Whale call them to try and get help and its all my fault. Switched to Telecom (no change to equipment) and the speed is the fastest I’ve ever had, no drops. A few months on and still having issues with Orcon over the final bill which they don’t seem to want to sort out dispite numerous calls. Never again Orcon.

  • Wazlawrence

    I am well pissed off as well. The customer service is abysmal. I keep getting a query closed message and I haven’t had it answered. Fuck the bastards

  • Cindy10101

    After initially great service from Orcon we decided to get the new Orcon Genius. Not a good idea! After a month of waiting we finally got the package, only to learn a day later by email that we couldnt haved the service in our area (Te Kauwhata) because our exchange wasnt “enhanced”. We sent the package back but lo and behold, the phone went dead on the due date. At least 16 phone calls (one every day) being on hold for 45 mins and numerous chats to at least 7 people……… nothing. After 3 weeks we gave up and went with Slingshot. No problems …. BB, modem and phone within a week. Great ! Then dealing with Orcon with the bill!!!!! Thats another story but in the end we got a refund from Orcon (very reluctantly). A great pity as they were a good company but not now!

  • Test

    Orcon are just useless. It took them 4 weeks to connect me from Woosh. Woosh were fantastic. Will go back to them once my contract finishes with Orcon.

  • Chris

    Classic. I had the exact same experience with Orcon charging me for two months after we’d changed to vodafone.. 

  • Nick Byrne 1975

    Hi their i joined Orion last month and having similar problems my speed is awful can’t connect to ps3 servers because of the speed is to slow and YouTube is terrible but they deny theres a problem and want to charge me 200 dollars to leave even though its not what they promised me on sign up now they put an order on my account stopping telecom taking my services back to them i don’t know what to do about the problem

  • Ginger

    I am currently going through a similar experience with Orcon.  We joined them when they first started and it was great. Then they changed our service due to Telecom, they said, so we had to pay more for less gigs. When we finally decided to move companies we are still getting bills from them and it is almost impossible to get someone to answer the phone and when they do it is generally a foreigner that can not speak very good English. We switched to Telecom and so far it has been great, I never realised how slow Orcon had got.