Perigo Roger Kerr Special


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  • Should I spend half an hour of my life on this? Anyone?

    • Yes you should, that’s why I posted it.

  • andyscrase

    I watched it on Stratos. The comments on Antonio Gramsci are worth it.

  • ltchop

    Wow if that is watch you are watching wa’il – i now know why you are a Dr Who fan – Perigo running off at the moustache say the left are like a pack of dalek out to exterminate all right thinkers …… he will do well with ACT and with them sink without trace after November …… as a cancer survivor I wish Mr Kerr all the best in his fight ….. but politically he is out of time.

  • Opierson

    Um… idiot Itchop – Mr. Kerr died this week, so he lost his fight with cancer.  Read the fucking post.