Prosecute them…hard

A week ago I blogged about a NewstalkZB story that wasn’t online and to which I had obtained a transacript. Over at Farrar’s some pinko scum scoffed that I had made the story up. They should know by now that when i put something on my blog I have very, very good sources.

Look who is busted now

Look who is busted now

It was about Labour being investigated by the Electoral Commission for breaches of electoral law. Yesterday the Electoral Commission has confirmed that they are referring the matter to the Police. NZPA reports:

The Electoral Commission yesterday said it believed the party’s Stop Asset Sales flyer was an election advertisement that failed to include an explicit promoter statement, as required under the Act.

Labour spokesman Grant Robertson today said there was “no suggestion” the party had misused parliamentary resources or taxpayer funding.

“Labour had taken the view that the flyer was not an election advertisement under the Act, in part because it had received prior authorisation from the Parliamentary Service for its publication,” he said.

“Despite the absence of a formal promoter statement, the pamphlet did include in a prominent way the name and contact details of the party leader, so there could be no doubt as to its author.”

The commission told the party the use of Phil Goff’s contact details did not meet the promoter statement requirements, Mr Roberston said.

It also rejected Labour’s argument that if there was a breach, it was neither wilful nor consequential.

“The party maintains the view that any breach was technical in nature only,” Mr Robertson said.

“It regrets that the commission has taken a contrary view, meaning that the matter will now have to be referred to the police for a decision as to whether any prosecution is warranted.”

Labour has withdrawn the flyer and another similar publication.

Labour has issued a press release via Grant Robertson. It is good to see that the Electoral Commission has rejected their pathetic excuses.

It also rejected Labour’s argument that if there was a breach, it was neither wilful nor consequential.

Grant Robertson is saying it is only technical…try using that excuse the the IRD when you only technically didn’t pay your tax.

But huge questions now face Labour over their campaign. What has happened to their crippled campaign manager? Surely he should be the one fronting for this shambles that Labour now faces. Surely the crippled campaign manager is the one responsible for Labour breaking the law.

Why isn’t Phil Goff fronting this either? His photo and name are plastered all over the flyer. He has used his leaders budget to campaign on the public purse, surely he must take some responsibility too.

So far it appears that the Electoral Commission has only prosecuted for one item, the Asset Sales brochure. I have many more examples as I am sure Whale Army members do. I encourage you all to submit complaints to the Electoral Commission.

Labour has cheated and rorted the system for far too long. It is time for all good citizens to do their bit. If Labour can’t run a website, if they can’t follow simple rules and they can’t obey the law then they are unfit to govern.

I hope they are fined the $40,000, surely it will teach then a lesson they are slow in learning after their pledge card theft. This time though there will be no retrospective legislation to undo their crimes.


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  • Agree wholeheartedly; “not in the public interest to prosecute” went out the window on 8 November 2008.

  • rouppe

    If history is anything to go by the Police will shuffle their feet and waggle their finger but do nothing.

    • thor42

      Agreed – yeah, I’m guessing that’s what will happen.
      As for the fine – **$40k**??? That’s **pocket money** for Labour, surely! Hell – Goof would probably be able to pay it on his credit card. Even if they have to pay the fine, it’s nothing more than a slap with a wet bus ticket.

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  • jabba

    they will not get fined .. they will use any attempt to charge them as a conspiracy and an attack on them to gather more support.