Random Impertinent Question

Why do we have a beggar problem at all?

Palmerston North is moving to rid the city of beggars before the Rugby World Cup.

Its police are supporting calls from angry business owners to rid the city centre of beggars including a potential bylaw that could empower police to prosecute any beggars who do not leave the CBD.

But a local beggar says the plan could force beggars to shift to Whanganui or Wellington, or switch to crime.

The city council will discuss the best way to move beggars from outside shops on Broadway Ave and The Square at a committee meeting on Monday. Options include introducing a bylaw allowing police to “move people on” if found begging and prosecute them if they do not comply. Current rules only allow them to take action against beggars who demand money with menace.

Similar plans are not on the cards in other New Zealand centres, though some do acknowledge they will “move along” beggars who become a problem during the World Cup.

Auckland Council has given city agencies an extra $20,000 funding to be used for “the security and support of the homeless” during the cup.

If people are living on the street and begging, then it is through choice. We have a welfare system that apparently, according to the whiny left is the envy of the world.

There is no excuse other than indolence, substance abuse or choice for there to be beggars.


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  • Living on the street in NZ is a life style choice. It means you have more disposable welfare income for the luxuries in life, like alcohol.

  • tristanb

    These people are disgusting. If you ask the people who actually look after the homeless, they aren’t the guys who you seeing lined up on Queen Street.

    Most of the Queen Street guys live in council flats (valueless housing on incredibly expensive land) and sit, drink and sniff glue and make money drug dealing. I’ve seen “red beard” and “cart-man” both dealing drugs, and there’s more than a few of them involved.

    They lie down on busstops, meaning the elderly lady going to the shops has to stand. They drink, swear, spit and smoke on the seating in Queen Street. They stink! Boy do they stink. They’ll go into Starbucks, ask for a free water, pour themselves the milk with their grotty Hep C hands, then lie down and occupy a booth in a drug addled snooze. There’s one guy who my girlfriend saw cause a crash as he walked out in front of cars by Victoria Park – sadly he wasn’t the one hit. They’ll verbally abuse and spit at Asian tourists, and will tell you you’re lying when you don’t have any change which for some reason they feel they’re entitled to,

    They are selfish, nasty, criminals.

    We need to make it illegal to give these guys money. We need to arrest them and throw them in jail for repeatedly breaking the law.

    • gazzaw

      Well said Tristan. There’s no need for these scumbags to be littering our public places particularly while they are pulling every available dollar off the taxpayer aided and abetted by the liberal do-good agencies. The penalties are there to deal with the problem, we need to start applying them.

    • Tristan, I’ve lived in Melbourne since 2003 and we certainly have our share of beggars here. Mostly they’re harmless dudes who sit quietly stoned out of their minds with their sign and beanie in front of them waiting for the all-too-many suckers to throw change at them.

      When I was home in Auckland not so long ago, I found the beggars an intimidating bunch. When I refused to give one change he pointed out the ATM across the street and suggested I should go get him a $20. And observing from a cafe afterwards, I saw plenty of others try exactly the same tactic. I felt lucky it was busy and there were plenty of people around.

  • roger

    Future national party members, at least they face you when they trough of you.
    GET OVER IT,this is NZ the way key and national want it.A large pool of unemployed holding down wages. they have nothing and key has $55000000 from money dealing ,troughers all

    • gazzaw

      $55 mill Woj, now that’s something for you to be really envious about. Next thing you and your fellow travellers will want to nationalise ‘rich prick’ savings. We could strip the PM of all of his assets and divide them equally. What will you do with your $13.75?

  • roger

    $55 mill Woj, now that’s some­thing for you to be really envi­ous about.WHATTHEFUCK?)
    Im not envious, im in my 60s own my own home have money.wife dogs grandkids, its you who has the problem gazzaw you post like that nutter right winger in Norway. Change raghead for poor lestist scum(which im not) Keys $55000000 is his but he isnt your average NZr hes the smiling assassin that you grovel to, a average NZr i think not.

    • Roger accusing people of being psychotic anti-humans to prove a point will just get you on the banned list again. I gave you a chance, you only get one, don’t blow it again.

  • kevin

    Rog is a bullsh*tter

  • roger

    kevin July 31, 2011 at 6:19 pm
    Rog is a bullsh*tter

    What for, for saying it as it is, Anyway abuse only shows you have nothing to add.

  • deputy

    Spare a thought for poor old phil Goff after November. He may be that grubby old bloke in the street approaching you for a handout.

    • gazzaw

      ………..or get a job on the national cycleway.