Raymond Huo was right

So I saw this post on Kiwiblog, and I started looking for evidence…

Labour List MP Raymond Huo blogs at Red Alert:

One Chinese community leader told me that Labour’s economic package is a “watershed moment” to define the future of New Zealand. Other constituents told me that when encountered with a natural disaster “Key is talking about how to save lives while Goff is going there to save lives”.

I’m amazed the media failed to report this saving of lives.

Turns out, Ray was right…

Phil Goff saving lives in Christchurch

Phil Goff saving lives in Christchurch

Looks like Raymond Huo and Phil Goff are getting campaign advice from Kris Fa’afoi now.



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  • thor42

    “…. Goof going there to save lives.” What a load of crap. Goof would be going there for a photo-op. Nothing else.
    As for the Chinese community, I’m not convinced that Raymond Huo represents how the majority of them see things.
    Every year, you see stories in the paper about the leading students in high schools, and many of them are Chinese. There is no doubt that the Chinese strongly value education and hard work. Given that Raymond Huo is in a party which values *neither*, I’d say he’s in the wrong party.
    Maybe he hopes to convince Labour to change their ways? If so, I’d say that’s a forlorn hope.

  • titanuranus

    Labour ,a reality free zone.

  • whafe

    Goofy Goff today spoke on Radio Live that the media in NZ were biased towards National and that Key had 130 odd photos in the NZ Herald, whilst Goff had 20 odd…..

    My heart bleeds copious amounts of puss, NOT…

    Goff, you make my stomach churn…

    The NZ Herald is so left slanting it is going to topple over…..

  • deputy

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