Spinning like a top #pwnourfuture

Own Your Future: Roll your leaderThe crippled campaign manager is in full damage control tonight as fears of TVNZ’s poll starts to manifest. He has sent an email (and we know how I get those) to the faithful imploring them to hold the line against the onslaught.

What does this email mean?

It means Trevor, at least, has a sniff of the TVNZ poll and impending doom. He is frantically trying to hold the line. Note the lies about paying down debt. Labour intends to borrow massively to fund this policy. As we have seen today Labour hid their tables of data which prove their pans are to borrow even more. As long suspected Labour are flat broke and totally relying on Social Media for their campaign.

He has admitted that the public “don’t care” about the detail of their tax policy, they are trying to avoid the scrutiny because they know that they haven’t done the heavy lifting and are outsourcing that all to a nameless and faceless group called the “Expert Panel“. They know the numbers don’t add up, they know that it is all smoke and mirrors.

Enjoy reading the panic. Trevor really is becoming the Corporal Jones of New Zealand politics and Labour is Dad’s Army.

From: Trevor Mallard [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Friday, 15 July 2011 5:XX p.m.
To: Trevor Mallard
Subject: #ownourfuture – Let’s keep the conversation

Dear team,

Yesterday’s launch went brilliantly and the first round of media has been very positive.

We have been heartened by the positive support from experts, the growing traffic to thewww.ownourfuture.co.nz linked site and wonderful feedback on the video (available on the ownourfuture.co.nz website).

However, as we all know the NACT team will be coming for us over the weekend, there will be hiccups including a TVNZ poll taken before the launch and without the policy details. We want to keep the momentum going as much as is possible.

The key point for us is not to be dragged down into the detail on the CGT. The public don’t care and we get boring.

We need to stay at a higher level. Let’s keep dealing with the why’s :- paying off the debt, not selling the assets and having a fairer tax system. A big part of spreading the word about Labour’s tax policy is through our social networking sites.

How to spread the word

·         Send the email you get on to friends

·         Share the website link www.ownourfuture.co.nz

·         Share good articles from the papers

·         Retweet supportive comments from commentators and third parties

·         When tweeting please use #ownourfuture

·         Avatars are attached – please switch out at 3pm

·         Share the site on Facebook

Suggested lines for status updates and tweets

General lines:

·         Labour’s plan to keep assets and pay off debt  #ownourfuture

·         Labour’s bold plan for the economy- most NZers will get a tax break  #ownourfuture

·         NZ not for sale #ownourfuture

·         Family home exempt – tax not retrospective #ownourfuture

·         Kiwis better off with Labour #ownourfuture

·         Stop Asset Sales #ownourfuture

·         Labour’s plan means we can keep our assets #ownourfuture

·         If you are in a hole, don’t sell the ladder #ownourfuture

·         Labour: Keep our assets to grow our economy not someone else’s #ownourfuture

·         Labour’s tax reform will pay the debt down, and lets Kiwis own our future.    #ownourfuture

Let’s keep the conversation going.




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  • buffalobob

    Dam right the public dont care…how fucking rude…
    They wonder why the public have turned off from their bullshit nonsense when they treat us with contempt….

  • adolffiinkensein

    Today I blogged that I didn’t think Labour was stupid.

    “Adolf does not believe the Labour Party is collectively stupid.
    Vicious, mendacious, nasty, duplicitous, despicable, untrustworthy etc, YES but stupid, NO.”

    I was wrong. Hopelessly wrong!

  • marybelle

    Aaah so that is why Face book and media websites comments have been filled with so much “I love Labour’s Capital Gain Tax and against so-called (partial) Asset sales . Well I care what is in the detail. I think Corporal Trevor is in the Jungleland somewhere with his Dad’s. I didn’t think the media were that complimentary at all. From today’s One and 3 News:
    Tax policy ‘a very poor piece of work’ – expert http://www.3news.co.nz/Tax-policy-a-very-poor-piece-of-work—expert/tabid/419/articleID/218884/Default.aspx
    Labour’s tax plan too tricky to administer – expert http://www.3news.co.nz/Labours-tax-plan-too-tricky-to-administer—expert/tabid/419/articleID/218876/Default.aspx
    Labour’s tax plan sends ‘perverse signals’ – accountant http://tvnz.co.nz/politics-news/labour-s-tax-plan-sends-perverse-signals-accountant-4305906

  • Here’s a hashtag for Trevor – #Labourishistory – if you use Twitter, add it to every tweet, and the VRWC can gazzump Trevor’s crap message

  • buffalobob

    Dear VRWC,

    How to spread the word

    · Send this email you get on to friends

    · Share the web­site link whaleoil.gotcha.co.nz

    · Share arti­cles slamming Labour from the papers

    · Retweet com­ments pwning Labour from com­men­ta­tors and third parties

    · When tweet­ing please use #Labourishistory

    · Share the site on Facebook

    Let’s keep the con­ver­sa­tion going.

  • gaskranken


    Only share your email with your friends.

    Only peruse blogs with balls

    Don’t clog your friends inboxes with labour shit

    Only do Twitter if you’re cool with being on the radar

    Or #Labouristoast – #Labourisshit – #Goofebegone

  • oldlogger

    Labours CGT catchcry is “it’s all about fairness”. WTF? The system we have now is far from fair, and CGT just tips the scales further.
    This would be a ‘fair’ tax system:
    Everyone pays the same tax. Be it $20/wk or $200/wk or whatever. That’s FAIR.
    Then, those that have health ins. get a rebate. That’s FAIR, right?
    Then, those use private schooling get a rebate.That’s FAIR, right?
    Then, those that don’t use welfare get a rebate. That’s FAIR, right?
    Labour wants to chop the tall poppies, and hand their hard earned dollars to the feckless and the lazy.

    • Harsh call there buddy. Not everyone that is well off is so through hard work, just as not every person who has come upon hard times has done so by being feckless or lazy.

      It is attitudes like yours that have me leaning more and more left every day.


      • oldlogger

        Thought my post might out the odd pinko.
        “not everyone that is well off is so through hard work”
        Correct, some made smart choices, got lucky, or inherited from someone who worked hard. I don’t see that as good reason why they should have the crap taxed out of them.
        Actually, my point, in case you missed it Jacqueline, was that Labour are touting cgt as being ‘fair’. Where is the fairness?

  • gazzaw

    It will be interesting to see how The Nation and Q&A play it tomorrow morning – probably some advance damage control on the TVNZ poll by resident pinko presenters Plunkett, Garner & Holmes ably assisted on the Q&A panel by Johanson and the guest socialist.