Sunday Snap

I have a new iPhone and I downloaded the Instagram app to have a bit of  a play.

When I went for a walk today out along Bucklands Beach I saw this digger had been driven into the sea, presumably by some louts thinking it would be fun.

Digger at Bucklands BeachThat is the original photo (click to enlarge)

Now this is what Instagram did to the photo after a bit of play with some settings.

Digger at Bucklands Beach

I think I may just add a regular feature of fun snaps.


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  • titanuranus

    Maybe they were digging for Pipis.

  • abjv

    Maybe it was bunted in there by that earthquake

  • overthehill

    New iPhone? Wow – the benefit must pay better than I thought! lol – Instagram rocks. Careful you don’t get too carried away though, some things just don’t look right in the 70’s.

  • Yes you are quite right. No one on the benefit could afford an iphone or to have a mobile phone period.Which is exactly as it should be.