The coup is on #Labourishistory

Tonights 3News/Reid Research poll has sealed Phil Goff’s fate. He is brought Labour to its knees and under 30% closely matching the Roy Morgan poll.

The tipline is humming fiercely with Labour insiders talking out of school.

Phil Goff is dead to them and the previous catch cry of ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe) is now All in Behind Cunliffe.

Caucus members are forming on Mallard, and Twyford is running the numbers and from all accounts so far they have them.

It looks like Phil Goff can only count on the drys in caucus including Shearer and Parker.

David Cunliffe is moving and moving fast. The thinking is it gives Cunliffe a platform to front foot the Capital Gains Tax without Goff’s baggage and that any change in leadership will give them a bump after two weeks solid news media.

Cunliffe is worried that if he doesn’t go now, there won’t be an opportunity after the world cup, and Little will have the numbers post-election.

Right now if you are a Labour list MP there is no reason to follow Goff into the grave.

Phil Goff is for the firing squad


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  • P1LL

    Good scoop Cam

  • reid

    Cwikey, what’s going to happen next?


    Isn’t this exciting.

    Too bad silly-old Liarbore didn’t really understand what the Hughes gift-horse was all about, but Silent-T is now aroused and stridently pursuing “the plan.” I bet he’s studying the map, right now. It’s like ’39 all over again, his thought.

  • monty

    Mmm then the other night silent T was twittering about how he was woking late. We all thought CGT, but now it is obvious he was doing the numbers. Does this mean gof and King will announce retirement before the election?

  • reid

    Silent-T and Little will be an interesting caucus team, as well. I just bet they’ll get on like a house on fire.

  • Michael “Penis Lolly” Wood to stand in Roskill and Darren “Swiss Ball” Hughes to stand in Rongotai; bring it on!

    • nige

      Yes inventory2…nice pick on michael. he is phil’s electorate chair for roskill. I am not sure where he stands on penis lollies for roskill?

  • buffalobob

    Trevor is probably thinking….

    1, Remove Phil
    2, Bring in Cuntlips
    3, ??????
    4, Profit

    • No its 4. Win Votes

    • And 4A; Steal underpants…

      • Unfortunately, Phil has soiled all his…

        • buffalobob

          Profit/Win Votes same thing….

  • thor42

    Cunliffe? Pffft. Not exactly “set-the-world-on-fire” material. Has been damned-near invisible for the last ten years or so, if you ask me. Mind you, there’s not much choice really. If they wanted someone with at least a *bit* of bite, they could go for
    The Duck. Maybe…..

  • tooright

    Cam. Time to dust off a “Downfall” parody.

  • gazzaw

    It has to be Silent T, there’s no other choice & he is after all unadulterated, unbridled ambition personified. You have to ask yourself though how he will shape up against Key in the polls particularly after the lethal CGT mix is unleashed. National wil know full well what’s in that mix and if they have any political nous at all they’ll be laying in wait for Liabore to release the full detail on Thursday. Cunliffe may just play it smart and let Goff take that flak.

  • grizz

    Just to be the Devils advocate, National only has to lose 5% of the vote to run the real risk of losing the next election. It may only be 4 months out from the election but they by no means have this in the bag. With ACT at 1.7% and Epsom or Ohariu not guaranteed, they are lacking potential coalition partners to get a majority for confidence and supply.

    • thor42

      That’s true. MMP is a pain-in-the-arse when you have the bloody lefties with their ragtag group of losers’ parties still being a threat.