The Iron Lady

I am going to see this movie for sure.

Two of the greatest ever politicians to influence the world are Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.


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  • mattyman

    Can’t wait! Meryl Streep really does look the part!!

  • tookinator

    Couldn’t they find a suitable English actress?

  • johnqpublic

    Dollars to donuts it’ll be a lefty hatchet job, making her out to be a female Adolf Hitler, and not the admirable docu-drama it ought to have been. Come on, are there any righites in the film business?

  • ltchop

    Let me guess let me guess your name …. think Reagan and Thatcher ate the two best politicians greatest …. you name mus be …. Sarah Palin !!! Oh wa’il even you can do better than this …… mind you they do have one thing in common …. mmm just can’t quite remember …..

  • Margaret Thatcher gets a hard time from the left for taking hard decisions, but remember that when Gordon Brown was elected PM in Britain the next week he had a cup of tea with Helen Clark, sent her on her way and then had lunch with Thatcher.

  • jman

    If they show how she stood up to the unions, rescuing England from economic disaster, and helped with Reagan end the cold war, then it might be worth watching. If it is just a lefty hatchet job to appeal to morons like Itchop then it will be unwatchable.

  • ltchop

    Frontrower and jman, why are you so sure that those that see though the sad history inflicted on the world by Reagan and Thatcher are lefties ? Yes I have to confess that I write with my left hand – but don’t presume my views – I have no need to be defined by such outdated and moronic labels !
    Thatchers legacy was hardly one to be celebrated – yeah she had a few celebrated ‘shit fights’ with the unions then sent her armada to protect some frozen hell hole in the south Atlantic – still not sure why – gee they don’t even have oil !
    Reagan made some quips that the writers from ‘Gone with the Wind’ would have been proud – raised taxes and spent most of his second term in la la land ! Who ever ran the country in his mindless absence, should be the one stumping up for the praise I guess ! Off to my shining house on the hill…….

    • Ronald Reagan brought an end to the Cold War and Margaret Thatcher smashed the unions. Those two things alone deserve life peerages, let alone all the other great things they did.

      • ltchop

        Right out of the History Books according to Rudolph Murdoch ….. if only life were that simple ….. still we all need our heroes -my is Superman – he rids the world of baddies daily (not sure about union smashing though) and can leap buildings in one bound !