The Truth about the West Bank

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon explains the historical facts relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The video explains where the terms “West Bank”, “occupied territories” and “67 Borders” originated and how they are incorrectly used and applied.


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  • thor42

    Yep – exactly correct. The so-called “West Bank” is rightfully **Israel’s** land.
    All of the *bullshit* that Minto and co spout about this is just that – bullshit.
    The lefties know f**king **nothing** about the history of this area.

  • sandynobb

    “Will there be a Third World War?
    The commanding officer at a Russian military academy (the equivalent of a 4-star general in the U.S. ) gave a lecture on Potential Problems and Military Strategy. At the end of the lecture, he asked if there were any questions.

    An officer stood up and asked, “Will there be a third world war? And will Russia take part in it?” The general answered both questions in the affirmative.

    Another officer asked, “Who will be the enemy?” The general replied, “All indications point to China .” Everyone in the audience was shocked.

    A third officer remarked, “General, we a nation of only 150 million, compared to the 1.5 billion Chinese. Can we win at all, or even survive?” The general answered, “Just think about this for a moment: In modern warfare, it is not the quantity of soldiers that matters but the quality of an army’s capabilities. For example, in the Middle East we have had a few wars recently, Where 5 million Jews fought against 150 million Arabs, and Israel was always victorious.”

    After a small pause, yet another officer – from the back of the auditorium asked, “Do we have enough Jews??

  • mediatart

    what a load of tosh. Notice he doesnt mention occupied Golan Heights, which were of course part of Syria. Is Israel going to give them back ?

    This idea of defensible borders dates back to the victorian era, ie land means defense.

    Ask France about how defensible is boders were with Germany from 1872 to 1940. All that land meant nothing to the German army which reached Paris twice and almost a third during the Franco German wars.

    It makes even less sense now for Israel to need defensible borders by taking land that isnt theirs.

    This West bank stuff is typical Zionist distortions. In reality half of pre 1967 Israel was allocated to the Palestianian people in the partition of the British Mandate. They took that by conquest as well but werent happy and wanted more.
    If you go back far enough there was no difference between the people living in this part of the middle east other than religion. The real problem is trying to construct a country soley on religious grounds.

    • He doesn’t mention the Golan Heights fool, because he is talking about the WEST BANK.

      Asking a Frenchman about warfare is like asking an Italian…a waste of time. Google French Military Victories to see what I mean.

      The real problem in the Middle East is Islamist and Arab intolerance. if they want to keep getting dusted up in wars then they should keep hurling bombs at Israel.